Your Tarot of the day is The Emperor

emperor tarot cardIt is a letter that represents order and a great reliance on authority to impose order and rules. It is represented by an emperor, a man sitting on a throne and dressed luxuriously. He is middle-aged, bearded, has a scepter in his right hand (symbol of the earth), has crossed legs, left hand free and is in contemplative attitude. The grass at your feet means productivity.

The Emperor can indicate at a given moment that order is needed at all costs, the need to organize into chaos.

This letter can mean having power and control, being associated with legal issues.

Woodland garden in rainstorm x
Woodland garden in rainstorm

If it comes out in love matters, it means that luck will favor the person who makes the query.

This letter means a stable situation, with a solid base, and also speaks of an influential person.

It represents the triumph, the signing of contracts that will have great importance.

However if it is inverted, it means lack of ambition, loss of property, immaturity.

His key words are: manhood, manliness, stability, material power, self-control.

If it comes next to the letter of Justice, it symbolizes respect for the laws.

But if the face is inverted, it means the opposite: illegality and injustice.

The Emperor is astrologically related to Aquarius.

The masculine wisdom. It represents a senior man or a good head of household.

He is usually a mature person who knows what is being done.

We do not usually look at the cards when they are reversed but in this case it could represent indecision that leads us astray.

It represents: The earthly and temporal power, the material, that man with his knowledge can use to gain material benefits. It also represents stability, the social position of what has been achieved, the solidity of the acquired, fortune, well-being, material pleasure …

Kabbalistic and esoteric They associate it with Aries, with the planet Jupiter (well-being, fortune, material pleasure), the Hebrew letter daleth and the number 4. Also to the element Earth and the season of the Fall.

In numerology it represents the number 4: (2 + 2) the double duality, the double dialectic, the base of the world.

Meaning in the three planes:

Spiritual plane: Absence of the spirit, is a shadow of the spirit.
Psychic plane: Active rationality, clash of ideas, logic.
Material plane: The body in itself, with its needs, its ambitions, its desire to live and to take a terrestrial and material position of its power.

Her interpretation: always conditioned by the letters that surround her

As a final result: It is positive, because you will surely get it because it is something well thought out and well run. Done with perseverance and without loosing your efforts in no time.
As a person: Authoritarian, determined, confident of herself and her decisions, with good position, who has power, with power of command. Person of high rank, very good social position.
As situation: It is a situation that is under control, well governed, directed by someone who knows very well what he wants, how he wants it and how to get it.
Love: Relationship where sex and material are more important than feelings.
Health: Strength, vitality, energy, recover quickly.
Work: Person of command, works of action, works well raised and serious. Work in which you must have initiative over others.
Money: You will succeed in business, profits, inheritance, if you have a trial in hand you will win.

Inverted position:

Love: Doubts about how to act, big doubts.
Health: Small accidents, problems in legs and arms.
Work: Need to surround yourself with a good team, loss of power, abuse of power, intransigent, interested, strong opposition.
Money: Savings, expenses at home.