Your Tarot of the day is Judgement

There are two types of judgment: the one that judges with deceit, that is, that tells the person who has behaved badly and who must be punished, and therefore it is difficult to be redeemed.

This letter is represented by the figure of the archangel Saint Gabriel winged. It is surrounded by a cloud and the rays of the sun, which illuminate the earth, where there are 3 naked people. He is announcing the Last Judgment. The flash of lightning reaches the entire earth, which means that everyone has to be held accountable. The angel comes to account for the earthly aspects. The coffin that is between people represents the place where we are going to bury all our sins.

The fact that people are naked represents that you can not hide the truth, that everything is in question. The characters are represented by a young woman, an old woman and a strong young man coming out of the coffin. This means that the trial will be applied in a positive but indiscriminate way to everyone and the result will make people resurface more reinforced and renewed.

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The other type of judgment is that it values ​​and judges but does not condemn and tries to find the truth. For in this tarot card, Judgment means that sometimes it is necessary to judge, taking into account the problem as it is and then pronouncing it without hindrance, freely expressing our opinion.

It is a Major Arcanum who also speaks of salvation, in which the person who is reborn cleanses from sin. Also it usually shows that the personal renewal will not take long to appear.

In sentimental matters, it is a letter that indicates that what is received is a result of mistakes or good things happened in the past, but if it comes out inverted possibly indicates that justice must be done in the face of something unjust.

This letter ultimately means a change in a process that was stopped, a renewal of a position for good or for evil, mission that hopes to be realized, new perspectives in life, light in the face of darkness.

If inverted, justice in the face of an uncomfortable or unjust situation, immobility if not asked for advice, hesitation, difficulties.

The key words related to the letter The Judgment are: realization, rebirth, awakening, enlightenment, doing things, judging, justice to something unjust.

If it appears next to The Sun, it indicates appearance of fame and wealth. If you do it next to La Muerte, it probably indicates that a trial will be held shortly because of an inheritance.

The Judgment is a letter that has astrological relation with the moon.

The meaning of this card depends very much whether it is reversed or not.

If we leave the right can mean promotions or improvements in work, resurgence and overcoming a bad situation.

If we get inverted, layoffs, loss of stability.

Represents: The Last Judgment, the time to differentiate the material from the spiritual. It is the hour of triumph or change of road on a new positive bases. Time for change, renewal, reconciliation, clarification of situations, renewal of old projects …

Kabbalistic It associates it with the letter resh and with the sign of Aquarius and with the number 200.

They esoterically associate it with the planet Saturn. The 20 (20 = 2 + 0 = 2). It is of the element Air and the season of the Winter.

In numerology it represents the number 20: Renewal, truth, good health, faith.

Meaning in the three planes:

Spiritual plane: Union and separation, beginning and end, the relative and the absolute.
Psychological plane: Understanding the meaning of existence.
Material plane: The temporal.

Her interpretation: always conditioned by the letters that surround her

As a final result: A triumph, or something is changing, renewing, reborn, reconciling … positively.
As a person: It is in positive change, it is restored, it is being reconciled with someone, who is starting over or changing course.
As situation: Period of renewal, reconciliation, restoration, positive changes on new bases.
Love: There will be a new relationship, presage good times with your partner, reconciliation if you were fighting, reunion with friends of the past and start a new relationship with him.
Health: Be careful with your joints, you may have problems with them.
Work: He advises to be discreet and prudent with his colleagues and superiors, it is better not to prosecute anyone.
Money: Good luck in the game and the lotus, but the prizes will not be of much amount.

Inverted position:

Love: Bad times in the sentimental life. This is no time to start a new relationship; Or you will find someone worthwhile, but who is so different from you that will force you to rethink everything.
Health: Recommend a check-up, take care of the body and health, because if you do not take care later you will have health problems.
Work: It is very bad omen, it will depend on the letters that accompany him: he can be dismissed, he can be asserted to recognize their worth, which will not exempt him from having very bad moments.
Money: A home may be bought or not, it is a time when it will be important for you to save.