Your Tarot of the day is Justice

justice tarot cardThis tarot card represents an energy that is not well channeled and must be fairly distributed. It seeks balance, fullness and precision. On the one hand represents the justice of man, and on the other the divine justice.

The letter represents the figure of a woman, touched with a crown, who carries a sword in the right hand and in the left hand holds a balance. Sometimes it is a winged figure, which indicates the heavenly power. It has a veil in the eyes that indicates that justice is just and does not distinguish. The sword symbolizes the implacable force of justice. Balance means balance. The crown symbolizes power. His face expresses serenity and balance.

In the plane of love also represents equity and justice, but with the presence of documents, and even possible that of a third person with an impartial view of things.

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If it appears right during the reading, it can represent justice, fairness and balance.

It can also mean negotiations or a won judgment, or represent a person who is sympathetic to the problems and is able to solve them to everyone’s liking.

If the letter appears inverted, it means injustice, lies, guilt toward an innocent person.

The key words of this letter are: justice, balance, equanimity, order, law, reward.

If it appears next to the letter The World, it means a judgment that is gained. If it does with the Moon, it symbolizes a strong injustice.

Justice has a relationship with Capricorn.

Marriage, signing of contracts and everything related to the mercantile aspect.

If the question is of the type if you are going to buy a house or you are going to realize some business, the answer will be affirmative.

In case of leaving inverted would mean that for now it will have to wait or that in the case of signing or marrying you have to be careful because something may not come out completely right.

Represents: Balance, equity, rigor, justice. The only negative of this letter is the lack of dynamism and speed. Everything is possible, everything is possible in the long run. It has a sign of fatality, since it says: “Everything will happen when the time”.

Kabbalistic He associates it with the letter cheth, with the sign of Libra and with the number 8.

They esoterically associate it with Cancer, because of their need for harmony, balance and perfection. With the Element Water and Spring.

In numerology it represents the number 8: It is the number of the equality, it is the 4 + 4, the balance, the equity, is positive.

Meaning in the three planes:

Spiritual plane: The incarnate spirit, the perfection, that has penetrated in the material. Illumination.
Psychic plane: The overcoming of the individual and egoistic condition, the integration of the ego into the superego.
Material plane: The balance between opposing forces.

Her interpretation: always conditioned by the letters that surround her

As a final result: Possibility to obtain it but in the long term and always respecting the rules and conventions.
As a person: You may be talking about a lawyer or a judge. You can say that a person is balanced, rigorous, orderly, mature, positive, sincere, altruistic.
As situation: Righteousness, rigor, order, ability to decide firmly, balance and morality of a person. It’s about a trial. Stable, fair, risk-free situations.
Love: Good time to stabilize or rethink in a serious relationship.
Health: No problem, balance.
Work: Good time to look for new partners or collaborators, good capacity at work, good creative moment.
Money: You’ll get lucky in gambling and long-term investments.

Inverted position:

Love: Unsafe relationship, family members who get involved and spoil a relationship. Replanning in the couple constructively, need to clarify ideas.
Health: Time to take care.
Work: Moment of stability but stagnation, problems with bosses or problems to relate to subordinates.
Money: Expenses at home, rethinking the issue of saving, outstanding debts will be claimed.