Your Tarot of the day is The Magician

The Magician symbolizes the male power of man, who is not afraid to act and who wants to exploit the forces of the universe to use them for creative purposes and to discharge on Earth its very powerful energy.

The letter represents the figure of a man standing, facing a table. On the table are cups, coins and swords. He holds in his left hand a wooden wand (wands). What it represents is that it has at its disposal the 4 elements or the 4 sticks of the deck. His right hand is free and hangs along the body. His hat represents the symbol of infinity.

Their feet look one to the right and the other to the left, that is, one looks to the future and the other to the past. The table has 3 legs, the triad. Earth is brown, work. The basket with grass, harmony. His belt divides the world into upper and lower. Wastes represent fire, mental power, gold represents the earth and its treasures, the swords in the air and the force to modify things, the cups to the water or accumulated knowledge.

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It is definitely a very powerful symbol, who believes in himself and knows a good miracle worker.

The key words that have relation with this letter are: continuous movement, will, dominion of the elements, eloquence.

When reading the letters, the magician is an indicator that the person who consults can be the owner of a great creativity, and that in the field of love has the possibility of being able to choose between different suitors, being a person who inspires and That makes the muses emerge, since it is highly captivating and possessing a strong charm.

This letter, right, means dexterity, diplomacy, open spirit with great conviction.

Very creative person, of great vitality and with daring, ready to whatever. It is difficult to attack a depression or melancholy.

The same reversed letter denotes lack of originality, indecision and insecurity.

Person somewhat deceitful with words and who takes advantage of innocent people.

If it appears next to El Diablo, La Muerte or La Torre, it can mean spells of black magic, but if it appears inverted with the letter of Los Enamorados, indicates infidelities transient.

The Magician is astrologically related to Mercury.

It symbolizes a creative person and with gifts of being able to do what is proposed.

He has the power in his hands but must be constant to achieve his purposes.

If this letter comes out when we ask a specific question, it comes to us saying that it is possible to realize what is asked but that it will be up to us to come to realize it.

Represents: Absolute power, the idea that everything is in your hands, you have every possibility of choice. The conviction. Ease to start over as often as you need. It represents a young man with momentum and energy.

Kabbalistic Represents the Hebrew letter aleph, the planet Mercury and the number 1.

Esoterically is associated with the element Air. With the planet Mars, with the sign of Aries and with the season of the Winter.

In numerology it represents the number 1: The unity, the principle of everything, the antagonism, the active principle of the unit, the intelligence, the man.

Meaning in the three planes:

Spiritual plane: It represents the primordial unity in itself.
Psychic plane: Self-consciousness, knowledge, wisdom, power.
Material plane: Represents the initial impulse, the origin of things, the quintessence of things, the strength of the will, energy, health. It is not a love letter, it is more for work, money or business.

Her interpretation: always conditioned by the letters that surround her

As a final result: It is a positive letter, which means the possibility of obtaining what you want, but it will depend on the position you occupy and the letters that accompany it: if it is in the beginning, it says that it has all the possibilities, Perform successfully. Also easy to start from scratch as many times as needed.
As a person: He says that he is someone important, with power, or someone young but with all the possibilities in his hands to do whatever he wants with his life and that he has energy for it.
As situation: It represents the principle of something, the possibility of guiding our own actions, the awareness of the importance of a fact, the moment of action, since all the elements are available to do so.
Love: About a relationship is the consultant who has the solution in their hands.
Health: Energy, strength, good health. In case of a health problem, you will have a fast recovery.
Job: Easy to plan and start any job through your initiative, your intelligence and your willpower. Very positive attitude. Good relationship with peers.
Money: Economic success, good time to create a partnership, maybe a raise.

Inverted position:

Love: Changes, infidelities, represents the total impossibility of their relationship.
Health: Problems with the digestive system, stress.
Job: Needs to be recycled or advised well.
Money: Prudence and savings in investments.