Your Tarot of the day is Temperance

Temperance, according to the Christians, is the virtue that strives for balance, moderation, and moderate pleasures.

The letter is represented by an angel with wings that is passing water from one jar to another. The angel represents virtue. He waters the plants at his feet and gives them life. The jars are one of gold (the future) and another of silver (past). The passing of water from one to another means balance and the present. Water regenerates, because it represents our knowledge. The golden color means the power and the divine.

It is quite desirable because it functions as a mid-point and serene between a world full of temptations, some good but others not so much.

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In Tarot cards, the appearance of the card Temperance indicates the need for adjustments, balance and seek a middle term.

He also points out that cooperation and help among others is often necessary when the situation becomes complicated, and that it is good to look for occasions to unite divergent opinions or opposing positions.

It is a letter that always means good health, both physically and emotionally, maintaining that well-being even after a period of time has passed after the disappearance of good general condition.

In general, the letter Temperance means moderation, tolerance, adaptability flexibility to different circumstances, not back to the difficulties.

If the letter is reversed, it may indicate lack of initiatives, an excess of worries that can lead to various ailments, too much influence from the opinions of others, and null ability to work as a team.

It is a letter that can mean sterility.

The words that are associated with this letter are: balance, moderation, moderation, harmony, cooperation between opposites, artistic inspiration.

If Temperance comes along with El Sol, it means success at work. If I did it with El Mago, it would be good if the person who consults, if he feels bad, will use alternative therapies.

This letter has an astrological relationship with Aquarius.

Serenity and balance represents this arcane.

An agreement means a situation that has to improve.

If it comes out inverted you have to be careful because it gives us to understand melts, imbalances.

Represents: Self-control, self-control, balance, moderation, giving support, friendship, regeneration.

Kabbalistic It associates it with the letter nun, with the sign of Aquarius or Sagittarius and with the number 50.

They are esoterically associated with Virgo. The 5 (13 = 4 + 1 = 5) is from the Earth element and the Fall season.

In numerology it represents the number 14: It is the transmutation, the metamorphosis, the changes, but in positive because it is the sum of 7 + 7.

Meaning in the three planes:

Spiritual plane: Presence of the spirit in the consciousness and in the evolutionary processes.
Psychic plane: It is the conscience, the prudence, the self-criticism.
Material plane: Continuity, change.

Her interpretation: always conditioned by the letters that surround her

As a final result: By itself, it only means that it is a period of transition in our existential approach.
As a person: Conciliator, innovative and open to everything, ease of adaptation, good counselor.
As situation: Time to weigh all the possibilities, to be well advised, to rely on good friends, moment of good relations of all kinds. Period of changes of all kinds.
Love: Nice and stable moments in couple, need to value oneself so that others value you too. Lean on each other.
Health: Health, stability, tranquility, resurgence of vital energy.
Work: Stable and positive situation, signing of contracts, new associations, good industrial relations.
Money: Luck knocks on your door.

Inverted position:

Love: Warns of bad times or differences in the couple, need for dialogue.
Health: Slight problems in the digestive system.
Work: Labor problems due to a woman who will negatively influence. If you have to sign a contract, wait for a better time. Need to get good advice before making any decisions.
Money: That salary increase you expected would come.