Your Tarot of the day is The Chariot

chariot card todayThe card The Tarot Chariot wants to symbolize the victories that are achieved after much effort and above all, much will.

The letter shows a man in a chariot, with canopy or canopy, which is drawn by two horses. It shows us a triumphant man who walks through life in a chariot showing his power, his triumph, of being a conqueror.

The man carries a scepter in his right hand, symbol of earthly power. In addition it is clothed by a sovereign pallium and blue curtains, which indicate that it is clothed by the spirituality, the intelligence. The 2 horses, one red strength and action, the other blue, intelligence and spirituality. Each horse pulls in a different direction, which means that he has everything in his hands to achieve those successes and goals that has been marked, as long as he manages to combine all the components and find the balance between all the elements in front to get it .

Stacked Grip - Disc Golf Mentor x
Stacked Grip - Disc Golf Mentor

It is a letter associated with discipline, firmness, struggle and courage, but in the most positive sense of these words.

It also represents the strong and powerful person who knows how to guide others in the most complicated moments, and who knows not to disappoint those who trust him.

It is also a letter that symbolizes the victory, although in the field of love, it indicates happiness and the beginning of a journey to meet the most beloved.

The Cart, in its normal position, means advance, imposition of an opinion convincing a person with great skill.

It also indicates that one must know the enemy well in order to overcome it, and feel to govern with justice.

It is a letter that indicates travel, displacement, progress, fame and popularity. If it appears inverted, it indicates a great failure, the plans fall and some projects are stagnant.

The key words around El Carro are: victory, movement, travel, energy action.

If it appears next to the letter Temperance, means lucky trip, but if this letter appears inverted it can suppose the appearance of illnesses or delays in the trip.

The Chariot is astrologically related to Gemini.

Represents movement, things that are going to happen, trips etc.

If you ask for a specific topic, this letter will tell you that something is going to happen.

If it appears from the right is for good, if it was inverted it will be saying that what we expect to happen will take time to happen.

Represents: Success, power, travel, travel, social position, high ranking person, action, friends around, strength and energy.

Kabbalistic associates it with the letter Zaín and with the sign of Cancer, with the planet Mars or with the Sun and with the number 7.

Esoterically they associate it with the sign of Gemini, the element Fire and with the Summer.

In numerology it represents the number 7: It is the figure of God in his perfect unity, the largest number of the cosmos. It is composed of 3 (the trinity) and 4 (dual duality or double dialectic). It is the most positive number of all, it is never negative and in all philosophies and religions has a very important symbology.

Meaning in the three planes:

Spiritual plane: The action, unify the opposite principles, so that they are a single positive force and in the same sense.
Psychic plane: The value, decision-making, power and self-confidence, that allow to face anything.
Material plane: Action and energy in itself, the law of symmetry.

Her interpretation: always conditioned by the letters that surround her

As a final result: It is success, absolute triumph, the achievement of all your desires for your worth. Announce a trip. Friends that redeem and support you.
As a person: Sometimes refers to a single person and other times refers several, for or against, friends around you. But it defines bold, willful people, who are not afraid of anything, who pass quickly into action.
As situation: Important and crucial moments that can not be ignored, that deserve our full attention if we want to achieve it. It talks about trips, trips, adventures.
Love: Talks about a daring lover and able to make a new relationship quickly. Reappearance of past loves, which can complicate our lives. Person capable of evolving or precipitating a relationship.
Health: It notifies us of the possibility of a health problem.
Work: Strength and security in your work. It also tells us that success depends on you …
Money: Increase of income of any kind, even of debts that gave for lost.

Inverted position:

Love: Stagnation, lack of ideas in the life of couple.
Health: Danger of relapse, indicates the need to take special care with children.
Work: Lack of objectivity and strength in new projects and in relationships with co-workers. Betrayal by envy.
Money: Ruin, waste, unforeseen expenses