Your Tarot of the day is The Death

This letter is called The Arcanum XIII and his letter only carries the number, not written the word death, simply not to name or see the word death. It is represented by a skeleton, which carries a scythe in the left hand (sinister) with which it cuts heads and herbs. Its bones are pink, represent the sensitivity of human life.

Cut a child’s head and a king’s head, to show that death and change can happen to everyone. A foot is sunk in the earth, since it forms an integral part of it. Its head is shaped like a moon, symbolizing night and regression. The grass that cuts, is very positive, since it means that cuts the weeds with what removes everything bad, to let out the good.

It represents: Change, trans format

100+ Defeat Quotes x
100+ Defeat Quotes

It is a letter related to the cycle of life, the transformation and renewal of the universe and its eternal movement.

It also means the liberation of the spirit through matter, pain, mourning, sadness, inevitable end.

If you consult on a love theme, it can mean pain, change of life, mourning, end of a relationship.

It means renewal, change, the beginning of a new stage in our life.

It does not mean or does not have to mean any death which is a common belief of those who do not understand much of the meaning of tarot cards.

If the letter of Death leaves right, it means renewal in any area of ​​life, failure, death, ambitions that are not achieved, loss of work, resignation.

If, on the contrary, this letter is inverted, it symbolizes that the person you consult has signs of depression and bad mood and that it is quite pessimistic.

It can also mean that you are waiting for a job that does not finish arriving, and that a situation ends very badly, with much pain in between.

The words that define this letter are: loss, renewal, cleanliness, changes and rebirth.

If Death appears next to The Wheel, it means inheritance.

If you do it between The Hung and The Star, be careful because it represents that there is a danger in the aquatic environment.

Death has astrological relationship with Geminis.

If left inverted can mean unemployment or stagnation in our projects.

ion, death in our lives of something, but does not necessarily announce physical death to us. Many times the change is positive, to do other things or because another person or another event arrives at our life, that produces a change. Announces changes. Birth of new ideas.

Kabbalistic associates it with the letter mem, with the sign of Scorpio, with the planets Saturn and Mars and the number 40.

Esoterically associate it with the element Water. The 4 (13 = 1 + 3 = 4). It is element Water and spring season

In numerology it represents the number 13: It is the change, the transformation, for some is positive and for others negative. It can be 10 + 3 or 6 + 7 or …

Meaning in the three planes:

Spiritual plane: The law of constant transformation, transmutation.
Psychic plane: The unconscious always immutable to its essence, open to many possibilities.
Material plane: Transformation, evolution.

Her interpretation: always conditioned by the letters that surround her

As a final result: Optimal omen, announces changes, transformations, renovations in all fields.
As a person: A person who seeks change or who is in full transformation and is able to change everything from all areas.
As situation: You are going to undergo a radical and important change that will bring something new to your life. Also the end of a relationship, a money or a job.
Love: Positive changes in the life of a couple or a new love will appear. You will find or you will live the ideal love. Lifestyle changes, moving or home work.
Health: Recovery from illness, vitality, positive health changes.
Work: Positive changes in work, appearance of new ideas, power of conviction, increase of salary or job, good support of co-workers.
Money: Good time, for investments, luck in the game, inheritance.

Inverted position:

Love: Change of couple or changes in the relationship of couple. Deceptions, ruptures, changes of attitude in the life of couple.
Health: Small crises or health problems. Slow recovery if you are sick.
Work: Need to change jobs, to innovate. Problems if you change your attitude at work, do not recycle and do not innovate.
Money: Major losses of money, bad investments, do not lend money because you will lose it, because they will not give it back.