Your Tarot of the day is Strength

This is a letter that represents the internal forces or strength and therefore symbolizes the strength, the struggle, the courage to want to solve something, and also the strong and determining character.

The letter shows a female figure touched with a hat, which represents the symbol of infinity. She is elegantly dressed and has a lion with its mouth open, thanks to the force that impresses on its jaws. The lion symbolizes the strength of wild and aggressive instinct. The lady is dressed in blue, which symbolizes intelligence and stability; Of yellow that symbolizes the wisdom, and of red that means the action and the passion. Therefore, it means that with his intelligence, spirituality and his determination, he dominates brute force.

Represents: Luck, fortune. Before you try your luck, you should see this card as it is lucky.

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Kabbalistic It associates it with the letter Kath and with the sign of Leo, with the planet Saturn and with the number 11 (the hidden forces).

They esoterically associate it with the planet Mars. It is 2 (11 = 1 + 1 = 2). With the element Fire and the season of Summer.

In numerology it represents the number 11: It is negative, the passive.

Meaning in the three planes:

Spiritual plane: The return of the creative energies to the world, the incarnated spirit, that descends to earth to modify its balance.
Psychic plane: Aggressiveness, will, our value.
Material plane: The force used to control other energies.

Her interpretation: always conditioned by the letters that surround her

As a final result: Luck, sudden unpredictable victory, in which luck has much to do.
As a person: Strong, determined, willful, lively, self-assured, understanding, who knows how to subjugate others. A person who does not fear responsibility and dominates the situation.
As situation: Situation dominated by the calm force of his will, dominate the situation or someone with its charms. Strong and balanced situation, sure of its prerogatives, which is a reliable support for someone.
Love: Need to give full attention to the relationship, to make it progress. Romantic and / or passionate and / or sexual moments (depending on the other cards).
Health: Health, vitality, energy, good moment to operate something because it is full of forces.
Work: Changes at work, they will come to ask for advice. Good time to strengthen pending issues. Creativity.
Money: Good income, good luck in business, good time to invest.

Inverted position:

Love: Moment of instability in the couple. Need for a marriage counselor, to solve the couple problems. If you define a woman, she says it’s cool and calculating.
Health: Moment of weakness, is not very fit to get into great efforts.
Work: Moment of stagnation and apathy at work. Lack of ideas.
Money: Danger of being subjected to fraud, fraud, deception or theft. Caution will arise unforeseen and excessive expenses at home.

It also helps us to present a hard character when times are difficult.

At the same time, it represents patience because when things turn bad, it is important to have the strength to cope with them.

It symbolizes at times the compassion, the tolerance and the force of love.

In the field of love represents risk and firm dialogue if the circumstances favorable.

It is a letter that if it appears in its normal position, means that the complicated situations will become favorable for the person who consults.

It also indicates strength, energy, courage, obstacles that can be overcome with faith, conquest. If on the contrary it appears inverted, it represents instability, cruelty, cholera, lack of faith and tyranny. It may also indicate a surgical operation.

The words that define the letter of the Force are: strength of spirit, subtlety, dominance, power, trust.

If you step outside the inverted tower, it can mean chaos in society or a dangerous fire.

If it goes next to the inverted Cart, it symbolizes surgical operations or accidents.

This card has astrological relationship with Aries.

Success, health and power.

It is a good letter when we leave the right.

It means that on an effort basis we are going to get what we want.

If it were reversed, it tells us that we must overcome indecision and take measures to make our situation change.