Taurus Daily Horoscope Today 2nd April 2018

Taurus Daily Horoscope Today 2nd April 2018

There is an important planetary transit of your regent Venus that tomorrow will move to the sign of Pisces and with a combination in your horoscope associated with Mercury, it feeds your sense of humor that will help you to see your reality in a very funny way.

Enjoy your day of rest with your family and particularly next to the person you love. If you are absent from work or other reasons, communicate, for that is the phone, the Internet, the mail, but do not stop doing it.taurus daily horoscope monday 2nd april 2018

Your intuition will guide you to the places where you must go to earn money and have very productive contacts in your professional and work life.

A pleasant surprise awaits you tomorrow in the mail or perhaps in your house. There is a reunion or return to your side of who once was very important in your love life and from now opens a new page in your book of love and happiness.

Enjoy this Monday in a healthy way doing positive things for your mental and nervous relaxation.

You are in a cycle of intense intensity and you should take the things that happen to you more calmly so as not to affect your health in general.

There is a cosmic connection that has to do with a pending work that you have been trying to achieve for some time and that now, happily, materializes in a concrete way, especially from the month of April that is beginning this weekend.

Money and Luck
Fortune smiles at you. There is an interesting business or project that is spinning around you.

A friendly person thinks to do something that will give money and now it counts on you. Everything indicates that this management will be productive and you should take full advantage of it.