Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Friday 10th June 2022

This is because your 1st house, the one that corresponds to your personality; is located in the sign of Gemini where a Stellium is formed with the Moon, Mercury, and the Sun. This will allow you to have excellent and very effective mind and communication skills, which will allow you to manifest everything you want in an effective and balanced way with your emotions and your thoughts.

Home will be a place where luck will be very present today because the part of Fortune is positioned from your 4th house in the sign of Virgo; which will give you moments of joy and enjoyment especially if you get involved in activities such as gardening or home repairs that will have very lucky results.

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Take advantage of the energy of transformation and changes of Pluto from your 8th house in the sign of Capricorn to be able to physically renew yourself with diet and exercise routines that really help you improve your health and the physical appearance of your body, as it will be easy for you to implement new disciplines which will be very beneficial.

Your 7th house in the sign of Scorpio tells us that you will be having somewhat violent approaches in how you communicate what you feel to your partner, since the ruling planet of Scorpio, Mars; it is located in the sign of Cancer where it has its fall. This is going to make communications somewhat cloudy but it is not so serious because Venus from Cancer can bring a little love to the matter so that things are resolved in the best way.

Your 5th house in the sign of Virgo will bring you possibilities of romance with people who are very connected with fine and refined work because they have those characteristics of attention and passion for the work that resonates with you, so you will enjoy interacting and spending time with this type of people with whom the development of some informal but romantic relationship could result.

Not fantastic, life as a couple at the moment! It’s Neptune’s fault! At best, this risks being every man’s policy. At worst, you will stick to your positions so much that your spouse will have a hard time getting his message across to you! This astral atmosphere will leave singles with little chance of meeting a soul mate. Are you going to live as a recluse? Surely not! Well-aspected Mercury will offer you opportunities to marvel in the canteen or in front of the coffee machine. Which should not displease you!

Your 6th house in the sign of Libra connects with your 1st house in Gemini; This tells us that the energy of the Stellium in house 1 is going to beneficially influence your house 6 giving you a lot of emotional and mental balance added to a great capacity for assertive communication of what you feel and a lot of vitality that the Sun imparts to you.

The star Uranus will form several aspects favorable to your health today. Continue to follow a decalcifying diet: eat egg yolks – moderately, of course -, goat cheese, raw or cooked cabbage, and lentils.

The ability to communicate well and maintain your workspace with an energy of peace and harmony will be enhanced by the emotional energy radiated by Venus from the sign of Cancer to your 6th house in the sign of Libra. This will allow relationships to develop in a favorable and loving way between your colleagues and clients and friendships can flourish, giving you an excellent work day.

You will give the impression of having tamed luck in your work. It is true that everything will seem to be running like clockwork for you, without any hitches or hitches. If you have recently developed large projects, now you will have the opportunity to begin to realize them.

Emotionally you are going to be somewhat distressed by the result of your finances because it may not be the one you had wanted or the one you are used to. However, you will be able to use these negative emotions to push yourself and go back through your willpower and establish your desires, as this tells us, Mars, in Cancer with Venus in your 2nd house.

With this aspect of Jupiter, you will be entitled to some luck in the field of finances. This will be the time to negotiate with your banker, take out a loan, or reorganize your investments.

Family and Home
Your parental responsibilities will require effort. Saturn, which will direct your relationship with your children, will force you to be present at their side, to help them in their orientation or in their choices, especially if they are teenagers or young adults. In any case, family life will be easy and harmonious.

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