Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Friday 13th November 2020

Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Friday 13th November 2020

Enjoy the gift of nature, look at the sky, look for the Moon, it is in your sign! It is the full moon of November that fits perfectly into your sensible world by uniting its energy with that of your ruler, Venus, directly, in the fire element. This planetary influence is accentuating the passionate and ardent part of your Taurus sign. In these moments emotion, intensity and desire prevail, and the best thing you can do is channel those energies by doing everything that you have been leaving “for tomorrow”, eliminating old things, obsolete papers, and everything that is accumulating and creating charges. that then prevents you from thinking clearly. There is an exciting wave in your intimate life if you are one of the Taurus who has recently started a relationship because you are going to discover facets that you did not know in the personality of someone worth exploring.

Today you can lend a hand to someone from your work who is always in tow of others and who is highly criticized for that. Help him and show him how to get rid of things better and faster. They will all thank you. This didactic facet, of teaching those who do not know, might even be unknown to you. You have more qualities that you don’t know you possess. Explore this field because you can take many surprises. Discover your talents. If you have been a little pissed off with some friends because you consider that they did not support you at a time when you needed it, today is a day to reconcile and forget about old grudges. Call them and try to have a good time with them. Sometimes people have other priorities. Do not demand what they may not offer you. Be disciplined about your emotions today, and try not to explode if a situation gets dense. Perhaps it is that someone is trying to lock you into their world and has the key tied tightly. You feel claustrophobic. Instead of trying to break down the door, consider taking a more conservative attitude.taurus daily horoscope 13th november 2020

For you love is a necessity of life, to love and to be loved and at this final stage of the year, you understand it better than at other times. Now you are channeling your energy in the right direction and with the direct action of your ruler Venus and the full moon of today in your sign, the prevailing tone surrounds you with an aura of enthusiasm and joy that you should not let decay.

Right now you could be experiencing a strong sense of connection with someone. Maybe you feel like you’ve found your soulmate. Or at least, you will have the feeling that you have located a better half. Take some time to share a talk and energy with this person. You can experience a feeling of happiness when the two of you act positively. Isn’t it nice to spend time with a person who really understands you?

Your indecision eventually tires your loved one. Promising is no longer enough, you must now give proof of your commitment. You who usually prefer to leave your doors open are well and truly trapped. To run away? Stay? Are you finally ready to give up fluttering? It’s up to you, but before you decide, ponder Bergson’s words well: “Choose, therefore exclude”.

There is a warning for you because although the projections of the full moon are very favorable, there is a 90-degree aspect between Venus and Neptune this Friday that could cause anxiety states. If you feel a little restless, relax, take a deep breath, and think that you can always get ahead when we do not allow ourselves to be frightened by circumstances.

If you’ve taken up physical activity recently, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the progress you’ve made in just a few months. It will give you extra motivation and you will feel filled with boundless energy. You will arouse the admiration of those close to you and appreciate that your efforts are rewarded for your involvement. Continue on this path, you are currently under the influence of Saturn which continues to make you benefit from its protective aura, try to take advantage of it.

You have a great facility with words. You never have a problem expressing yourself. But right now you feel a bit shy. Maybe you’ve been thinking about asking someone out. Even though you are excited about dating this person, your nerves may be playing tricks on you. Try to strike up a friendly conversation with this person. With your good sense of humor, you will soon attract interest.

This is a time of reflection in which you will decide what to do with your work life. If you have a good job, take care of it, if you are not doing something that you like or fully satisfy, orient yourself in the search for another activity so that when the year 2021 begins, you will also start a new life. Perform in what is pleasing to you.

Don’t even dream of staying home today. You will want to go out and play, just like your children! Maybe you want to go on a field trip. If so, invite everyone and take them on an adventure. Don’t be afraid to alter your rhythm and do something different. It is a special day for walking, walking, or cycling, perhaps in a park or some other natural setting. Burning a few calories will make you feel great.

Money and Luck
Today, Friday, the vibration of eight reigns, that of money, together with the full moon in your sign, which augurs a prosperous stage in your life. As you know, your Taurus sign attracts money, and many will wonder why in my case it is not like that? Do not be overwhelmed because even if it seems that it is not so, you have already entered the path of prosperity and as the new year approaches in a few weeks you will see it.

Unpleasant comments about someone you know will reach your ears. Today some unusual events could occur, but that will make you doubt the integrity of the person in question. However, keep in mind that at first it will not be very clear what is happening and therefore many unfounded rumors will circulate. Wait until you know the truth before forming an opinion.

You who complained about not receiving any solicitation will be faced with a turnaround. Two concomitant proposals will have the art of destabilizing you, especially since they will not have the same attractions. A choice of reason will oppose a crush. Between the bohemian life and the life of a castle, you will have to decide. Visiting a Sagittarius could put you on the right track.

Family and Friends
In the family domain, the organization will be your lifeline today. Parents, brothers, sisters, children, spouse, cousins… Everyone seems to have given themselves the word to ask for you! In order not to end the day on the knees, you will have to prioritize, organize yourself better than a minister, and put aside some requests. It might not be for everyone, but you won’t have a choice. Needless to say, with all these family imperatives, you won’t have much time to see your friends or bask in a good bath. Come on, tomorrow is another day!

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