Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Friday 25th December 2020

Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Friday 25th December 2020

During these days when your ruler, Venus, transits through the air element, you are enveloping yourself with a positive aura that will help you find answers to the different challenges that arise, and to the questions that you have posed to yourself. Do not forget that this is what life is about, finding solutions, and not regretting what happens to us. Once you look at everything with a realistic perspective, you begin to see clearly the way forward and that is precisely what you will be doing during these next days of December and the first of January that will be arriving with pleasant surprises for you.

You should pay attention to your intuition. The energy of the day will increase your skills. Sometimes you don’t trust your instincts. But you can capture the energy of others easily. For example, today you will have a feeling that someone will say something. Or you will perceive their emotional state without them saying a word to you. Use this information to better understand people and act accordingly.taurus daily horoscope 25th december 2020

During these days when Venus, your ruler, moves through the Aquarian sign, you mustn’t let yourself be guided by appearances, Taurus. All this cosmic landscape – squares of your ruler with the Moon and with Uranus – puts you on your guard: do not jump immediately to a conclusion. If you think they are cheating on you or are unfaithful to you, give the benefit of the doubt, other times you have done it and you have proven it was the best. Don’t let gossip or rumor cloud your joy in this final cycle of the year.

In the last few months, your life has been very hectic. You have stayed late in the office and then on the street with your friends. This lifestyle is known as “prematurely burning the candle,” and it rarely has a happy ending. You need a bit of peace in your life with that special someone. It is logical that your partner misses you and will undoubtedly love the idea of an intimate evening.

Jupiter’s radiance takes you in its wake, you like it and you are fully aware of it! This positive astral environment makes you unusually daring and pushes you to the doorstep of infidelity. Single, you leave your reserve and dare to reveal yourself, which is not your habit. This new recklessness will have unexpected consequences for you. It may lead you to review a seduction that is often too discreet and having the unfortunate gift of going unnoticed.

It’s time to take a break from the exhausting holiday shopping race, relax, practice a discipline that helps you eliminate the anxiety that is causing you stress. These next few days propose to make the necessary changes so that you can move forward with your plans and recover lost ground so that when this stage ends you will be in better shape than last year by this date.

Today your things should work relatively well, and you should have no problem communicating your ideas to others. More than that, you will be able to communicate without speaking, you will simply feel things instead of saying them verbally. Your receptivity to other people’s problems is strong, so use your receptive nature to help heal people’s emotional wounds. Just make sure you don’t end up carrying their load.

You are not immune to a bit of cold and given your current unfavorable astral climate, this could have more serious consequences than expected. You will indeed suffer the harmful position of Jupiter against you, which is not to arrange your resistance to the various infections that may arise. Try to protect yourself as best you can by not hesitating to take a vitamin cure and being careful to cover yourself sufficiently to avoid these inconveniences as much as possible.

Good news! Taurus who have been having labor difficulties start an upward cycle. However, while you have Uranus retrograde in your sign, certain matters take a little longer than desired, so exercise your Taurus patience.

Today you will feel that you are giving your head against the wall with the people and situations that come your way. Some days are just like that. Try not to experience frustration with the way you feel. It is just a phase that will pass. If the going gets tough, it may be due to your lack of structure in that area of your life. Look at it honestly and make the necessary arrangements.

Money and Luck
Fortunately, your sign is characterized by having a very unique kind of attraction towards money, so if you were worried about a lack of recent income, you will see how now, in this astral period, that situation begins to resolve itself and 2021 pleasantly surprises you with more resources of the expected. Taurus Luck Today

If you consider yourself quite conservative, this aspect can be enhanced more than usual today. It is not necessarily about political issues, although it does refer to them as well. You may want to tone it down a bit so you don’t create tension with your more liberal-minded partners. You are not wrong, but neither are they. Tension can arise as soon as the big emotional topics appear in the conversation. Keep in mind that this can happen today.

A feeling of dissatisfaction has been growing in you for a few weeks. The metro-work-sleep routine is seriously starting to weigh on you. You might even get to the point where you are questioning your career choices over the past few years. Don’t worry too much and bite the bullet. This drop-in power is only temporary. You will come out of this spiral of negativity very soon and find your peace of mind just in time to face the next challenges of your career.

Family and Friends
You will hesitate on the best way to handle a complicated situation involving someone you know. If after careful consideration you finally decide to take leave of this relationship, don’t let the fear of change or the lure of habit convince you to back down. Keep in mind the reasons that motivated your choice in the first place. According to the proverb, “in all separation, there is the promise of enjoyment: that of being oneself again”.

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