Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Friday 26th April 2019

Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Friday 26th April 2019

With Venus, your regent, in an air sign everything is shaken around you, Taurus. Do not go embarking on a sentimental adventure in which you are not sure because maybe, instead of love, what you are experiencing towards that person is sympathy, affection or other emotion not related to the passionate love.

Define what you are going to do before starting a doubtful business and do not follow the opinions of those who know nothing and pretend to know everything. Let your common sense and your own judgment be your guides.taurus daily horoscope today friday 26th april 2019

If you are entangled with the wrong person, it will be hard for you to listen to advice and opinions, but do not close yourself to the evidence. Maybe love is not precisely on that side but in another, much closer to you than you think.

A propensity to dizziness can cause accidents. Avoid heights and dangerous places because you are somewhat distracted and could slip or suffer a fall. Fortunately, if you take precautions and take care of yourself, you can avoid the problem.

Your sentimental conflicts will be solved much better if you concentrate your energy on what you do daily in your work and do not neglect your work obligations. When you get to your job, leave your personal problems at home. It is not healthy to drag the work on issues that are not incumbent on anyone.

Money and Luck
Do not give up anything and put to work those economic ideas that are spinning in your head. Your audacity will pay off and you will reap triumphs with your fearlessness in the area of business. Visualize yourself with money, and you will get it. Remind yourself that whatever your mind projects that will be what it turns out to be.

By Mary Emma

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