Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Friday 26th October 2018

Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Friday 26th October 2018

This is a Friday that augurs many novel situations, especially in the place where you are employed. Your co-workers recognize your effort. A social event or a humanitarian activity in your job will cause you much joy and at the same time it will give you the opportunity to demonstrate other talents that until now were unknown to others. Good climate at the relational level. Some of you may also meet a very influential person who has a large network. Try to keep his contact information or take FB friend, because it will be very useful in a few months, especially to achieve a project that is important to you.

In love there will be an unexpected gift, an invitation that will take you by surprise, but that will cause you much joy and satisfaction. Lean on your experiences, but do not forget your intuitions, Taurus.

A happy stage begins in which many dreams materialize and your deepest desires find expression. Declare your feelings and express yourself with tenderness, you will achieve a lot. If you are single, a beautiful adventure is coming. This sextile between Mercury and Pluto should bring you a good dose of optimism. On the heart side, whether you are a couple or single, you will have in mind to advance your relationship. Taurus as a couple will consider a getaway or a romantic dinner. Singles will try to make the elect of their heart go a step further. And singles, alone, will decide for some to finally register on a dating site.

There is a planetary environment of improvement around you and you feel much more relieved of your disorders. Expect a very positive day in that important aspect of your life because health is the greatest treasure we can have. Very beautiful mind! You still have to watch over your fitness. Especially for those who are sedentary. You always postpone the exercises that you would need … Attention, because you may see resurgence of back pain that will spoil your current good morale. We move!

Although you do not like it at all, you will have to enter a little more into the social game within your work and accept invitations. An isolated and too private attitude could be taken badly and cause labor difficulties with your companions. At work, your good mood will be very useful. It will certainly allow you to defuse an internal conflict that has lasted for a few weeks. You will indeed relativize and weight the situation. Everyone will be very grateful to you. It only took a bit of common sense and you will prove it.

Money and Luck
You move within a cycle that requires caution because the money arrives, but not quickly and if you do not save it as you receive it, you could end up with much less than expected. It is time to control the waste and buy what is necessary. Any initiatives that you could take, this Friday, finances, will be protected by this Sextile between Mercury and Pluto. When it comes to investments, investments, sales, new contracts or clients, appointments with your line manager … do not hesitate for a moment. You will make the right choices.

By Mary Emma

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