Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Friday 2nd November 2018

Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Friday 2nd November 2018

Address everything that is happening in your environment at this time that your regent Venus transits by an air sign. A challenge, a challenge to your intelligence and creativity will give you a great opportunity to show your talent and improve your current status in the place where you can be employed. You can tackle many activities without neglecting your family life. Mercury in good appearance will give you the strength and will to achieve and maintain this beautiful balance.

In this planetary conjuncture the ideal opportunity will be presented to make an economic investment, something that will give you the money necessary to normalize your financial life and increase your income. The love that you are now wanting to live is much closer than you could have thought and what once seemed distant or detached, now ceases to be.

You are on the road to love success, do not be discouraged by any transitory setback. That person you are interested in is looking for your warmth, but feels intimidated by your presence and the haughty way in which you are dealing with it. Patience and an attentive ear on your part will be necessary to avoid marital troubles today. If you give in to Neptune’s impulsive impulses, adopting a boiling and domineering attitude, you risk being subjected to the Scottish shower regime, and it will be too bad for you! Single, you could receive romantic proposals. It’s up to you to make an informed choice. Weigh the pros and cons according to your personal situation and your deepest aspirations.

Wait a bit before changing medical treatment and give the medicines and plans you are receiving a chance. You can not get better overnight without any sign, fortunately, your Taurus sign knows how to be persistent and channel energy in the right way. Your vitality will be incredible, well above average. You will naturally spend it on activities of all kinds. Attention all the same! With such an overflow, you risk occupying the living space of others, in good conscience and with the best intentions in the world!

The planetary incidents augur labor successes, but at the same time dispersion. You must concentrate on your main issues and not be doing many things simultaneously because you would end up doing everything wrong. At work, do not be fooled by a feeling of power, which can lead you to bite too big to chew. Learn to be realistic, modest, moderate your ambitions, because “those who advance too precipitately will retreat even faster”. Above all, do not undertake a new project until you have finished or started what was started.

Money and Luck
You will be pleasantly surprised to receive money from someone who owes you a large amount of time, and did not pay you. This situation will rejoice you and allow you to come out of your financial difficulties and make new highly lucrative investments. Mercury in disharmonic appearance may give a hard time to your finances. It could well be worth you unexpected expenses and undermine your budget balance. Those who overestimate their possibilities are now at risk of biting their fingers.

By Mary Emma

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