Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Friday 4th May 2018

Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Friday 4th May 2018

The Moon in transit by a sign similar to yours, of the earth element, surrounds you with a sensual and attractive tone. Whatever you wish, you will achieve it as you propose, Taurus. Love is well supported and happy gatherings are augured, and the rest of the week looks very exciting and promising in every way.

However, you run the risk of ending something that still requires more attention from you. When you decide to leave your job, review everything because there is a tendency to neglect and forget important things and events.taurus daily horoscope friday 4th may 2018

Do not feel bad if that person is somewhat distracted or absent. In your hands is to turn this day into a happy event, or a few hours of fights and recriminations because it is always you, with your performance, who determines the outcome of things and events.

If you have indicated a health problem act with determination, do not get carried away by emotions but rather by objectivity and you will see how solutions appear to the problems that have been affecting you.

You are about to receive an answer to a certain legal issue associated with your work. Do not get impatient, in these days the expected solution will come to your hands and it will be even better than you thought. Gradually you will give that upward jump in your company that will place you where you should have been.

Money and Luck
In this astral stage, you see more clearly how you should proceed. Follow those inspirations and do what you had planned to do, it will give you results, but only if you execute it with the decision, without allowing you to complicate doing something that later causes you debts and financial problems.