Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Friday 8th November 2019

Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Friday 8th November 2019

You will be somewhat confused without knowing for sure the direction you should take in the face of an embarrassing sentimental situation. Don’t worry, Taurus. If you can’t answer now, ask for time, think better and express your answer tomorrow. There are good planetary waves that are coming with the direct impact of Jupiter and it will not be unusual for you to receive a positive phone call about a job you have been looking for a long time or an improvement in your work.

When giving the “yes” or confirming a citation that now worries you, take all precautions not to err and consult previously with qualified and responsible people because with your ruler, Venus, retrograde, you tend to be very emotional.taurus daily horoscope 8th november 2019

The most original part of your Taurus sign is moving in your love life and today you will be in the best tone to invent something different and fun with your partner. Do not feel inhibited or complexed by anything, everything is lawful in love.

You will feel the need for change, renovation in your life together. Dare to search for novelty; breathe new life into your relationships. Do not believe that you can not do anything as long as your present situation does not evolve: there is always a need to do the same things differently. Single, the restrictive influence of the star Saturn will end: you will have an impression of lightness and freedom. Your love relationships will improve all of a sudden, and your heart will be celebrating again.

You will achieve the perfect solution that your health demands right now if you combine modern medical treatments with the ancient wisdom of traditional medicine. A comprehensive plan is all that is necessary to strengthen your health and have more vital energy.

Jupiter in the harmonic aspects will have a very beneficial impact on your balance. If you are sick, you will find an effective treatment or doctor and will have a chance to heal quickly. If you are just tired or wicked, you will recover a much better tone. You will have the highest morale, which will obviously have a favorable effect on your physical condition.

If you work with the public you may have to face embarrassing situations with uncooperative colleagues. If you are not in your job, forget about work problems and move resolutely towards your personal goals, you will soon get a job.

At work, you will want to listen to the advice that will be given to you by those around you. Certainly, they will not please you too much, because you will be preached especially moderation, a quality that you would not like to have. However, you should take this into account if you want to avoid the worst setbacks that await you.

Money and Luck
Several factors coincide on your astral horizon and create an astrological landscape that will allow you to earn more money within a very short time. Keep your optimism and your positive attitude towards changes. You will get good economic results. Taurus Luck Today

Luck will smile this time. It will probably, but not necessarily, be a good return of money; it could be something else also very nice. Enjoy it thoroughly by telling yourself that this can not happen every day. “We must govern Fortune as health: enjoy when it is good, take patience when it is bad”.

Family and Friends
For once, you will refuse the climates of crisis in which you indulge sometimes. Influenced by Neptune, you will seek tranquility and family harmony. All your loved ones will show you their affection for you.

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