Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Monday 10th December 2018

Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Monday 10th December 2018

The way you react to the new circumstances that are affecting your life will surprise you since now you not only act quickly and expeditiously but with greater knowledge of the cause.

Open your heart to the novelties, to the unexpected situations in which it will arise from an unforeseen opportunity to improve your economy until a blind date in which love will be the happy result you so long for. Everything can change for you to the extent that you also change your attitude towards life and you are going flexible and adapting to all the different scenarios that are being presented during these last days of the year 2018.taurus daily horoscope today monday 10th december 2018

We are in the fourth quarter phase of the Moon and your ruler, the planet Venus is directly in transit through Sagittarius. You will live an adventure out of the routine either with your partner or if you do not have it, consider a trip with friends or friends where there is fun, joy and the possibility of meeting very interesting people. The important thing is a change of scene.

If in these past days you have felt uncomfortable or with discomfort associated with the kidneys or urinary tract you will soon recover, Taurano. Many health problems arise within your mind and are in your imagination. Do not worry about what you can not solve and transmute into something more positive the energy invested in those concerns.

There are indications of favorable changes in your work life because in this current cycle many obsolete things are renewed and one of them is a situation that was undefined. This is a very interesting period in your work. The first days of next year 2019 will be great at the level of work, Taurus.

Money and Luck
You are taking concrete steps within a period that will help you get out of a pressing economic bind. You will receive encouraging news associated with a lawsuit, an inheritance or a legal process that was bogged down. Maybe you do not solve a management immediately – remember that there are retrograde planets – but you will soon find the solution.

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