Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Monday 14th December 2020

Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Monday 14th December 2020

Today is a good day to bring out your qualities for the job you do. You act many times with an overdose of modesty that hurts you. Who is going to notice your potential if you yourself are implying that you don’t have it? Decide to be a little more launched in this field because then comes that any colleague with much less merit than you is occupying a more important place or receiving a higher salary. If you want to progress, assert yourself more, and strengthen your ties with your boss. In the sentimental field, accept the proposal of your partner to try a new activity that could become your favorite hobby. This will be a new meeting point, especially if it is something related to sports. Today is the right day to make decisions. By your nature, you take too much time when it comes to important choices. Absorb the energy that flows from the planetary aspects of today, prepare a list of pending decisions in the areas of work, finances, and personal relationships, and solve the questions one by one. Do not be afraid to be wrong. Preferable to avoiding responsibility.

Taurus, today you will be more irritable and relationships will suffer for that reason. Perhaps, you are putting up with too much of a person or you are not saying everything you think out of fear. The Moon in transit through a sign that is very compatible with you comes with a gift that you did not expect and that gesture brightens up the rest of your weekend. However, due to an opposition with Venus and the Moon present today Saturday in your horoscope, your plans may be somewhat complicated so do not anticipate events and go acting as they develop, especially if you have been promised something that you have not met yet. You are in an ascending and productive stage, but it is up to you to take full advantage of it without letting yourself be manipulated by those who approach you to overwhelm you with their negative ideas and their lack of enthusiasm. It is in your hands to transform the last fortnight of the year that will begin.taurus daily horoscope 14th december 2020

Joy is reborn in your loving landscape. Those things from the past that once filled you with the desire to live are returning to your life and if your relationship was cold, now it is reignited passionately. If you are single, do not worry, what you hope will come.

The natives of the sign will need only one thing today: tenderness. In a Relationship, if you want to get what you want, you will have to make an express request to your spouse. It’s not very romantic, but you should get the most enthusiastic feedback about it… For singles, it will obviously be more complicated, but you will find comfort with your relatives and friends. But for that, you will have to leave your den and see the world!

Today you will feel emotionally strong, although you will notice that there is an idea going around in your head that asks you to slow down and do one thing at a time. That internal dialogue can drive you crazy if you’re not careful. The most important thing is that in these moments you follow the dictates of your heart. Do what you love to do, and associate with the people you love and respect.

This weekend explore the combination of natural medicines, good nutrition, and physical exercise as fundamental elements that help to strengthen you and consolidate the action of any therapy or treatment that you are carrying out. Your health is well supported and the forecasts for the beginning of 2021 in fifteen days are excellent.

The melancholic atmosphere of the day will make you think of your old childhood friends. Attention: no depressions! On the contrary, remember the intensity of relationships and feed on that energy to analyze a little the development of your life, without having to feel sad. The past is there to serve as a reference and analyze the path traveled, not to cry over lost times.

Good health in general. Slight anxieties can invade you today. You have to put things into perspective and find comfort with your loved ones. Cultivate your gratitude and stay positive under all circumstances. Enjoy one or two squares of dark chocolate. It contains excellent anti-oxidants, helps reduce stress but also contains many calories. It is therefore to be consumed in moderation.

Mentally prepare yourself for some changes in your work method that may initially cause you a certain state of anxiety, but that will soon be fully mastered and will be incorporated into your life as an integral part of it.

This can be a day full of stops and starts. Even though you will eat dust running around at work, don’t expect to achieve everything you expect. There will be some unexpected delays, and unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it. Practice deep breathing and keep a philosophical point of view. In this scheme of things, does it really matter whether the job is finished today or tomorrow?

Money and Luck
Possibly an idea that has not yet taken shape is spinning in your head, but in a few days, it will begin to give you productive results since during these last days of December the astral landscape in your economy is favoring. Taurus Luck Today

Today is a great day for you, and you will have a lot of energy. Today is a good day to start over; you have the opportunity to rethink many things and create a solid emotional foundation. Free yourself from doubts and negative feelings. Take advantage of this day to explore new terrain and launch yourself to conquer what you want.

You’ve never been a huge fan of change … and yet … here you are in a turnaround. After the shock of the announcement, now is the time to react and act on it. We must prevent the trend from deteriorating further and joining the dark side. Take things pragmatically. Without falling into an annoying silence that could play tricks on you, skillfully mix raindrops and sunbeams to make rainbows.

Family and Friends
This day promises to be serene in the family domain. To fully enjoy this peaceful and calming climate, why not take a family outing different from the ones you are used to? Embarking your tribe on an adventure will also allow you to address important topics that are close to your heart such as a move or a construction project. A slight disagreement with your spouse might shake-up that peace of mind, but it won’t be too bad.

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