Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Monday 15th April 2019

Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Monday 15th April 2019

This is one of the most important days within the days before the beginning of your birthday cycle as the new moon, that is, the conjunction of the Moon with the Sun this Monday, marks the beginning of the synodic month, a significant stage for you , of great mental clarity, possibilities, perspectives and actions that will help you to carry out your love and family life.

Very good days are coming, but at the same time, challenges that you will have to face with a lot of decision because if you leave for tomorrow or past the things that you have to do today, you would complicate yourself uselessly.taurus daily horoscope today monday 15th april 2019

You are about to live a fascinating love affair so be prepared to enjoy a stage of great love intensity. Go packing now since it is possible that there is a trip, or at least, a proposal to make a day away from home.

If you are irritated analyze your reactions and do not get carried away by impulses especially if you drive vehicles or if in the past you had problems associated with the use of drugs, alcohol or similar problems.

Any difficulty will become an incentive for your intelligence and will force you to act with much more initiative and originality. Take the present setbacks as a reason to grow and a stimulus in your work.

Money and Luck
Keep your ears and eyes open and you can take advantage of the circumstances that arise from today. A pleasant event, the kind of things that cause joy, will also produce you money and the possibility of a trip.

By Mary Emma

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