Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Monday 15th February 2021

Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Monday 15th February 2021

Many people around you will be engaged in fairly sterile power struggles. Above all, let them do it and stay calmly on the edge of this fleeting, but spectacular hysteria, which may well animate this day. Show yourself resolutely more mature and far above these (petty) little power strategies!

Why keep fighting an uphill battle? Why insist on the deception that you have all the answers? When in reality you’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg. All that mass of knowledge lies beneath the surface. Instead of continuing to fight, throw in the towel. That way others will be more willing to quench your thirst for the truth.taurus daily horoscope 15th february 2021

You will undoubtedly have all the elements in hand today, to be able to convey your way of seeing things. In your profession, in particular, expect those around you to be particularly attentive. Now is the time to take advantage of it to assert yourself through your ideas. If your emotions are not always with you in this kind of exercise, they will help you today. So go for it!

The planetary atmosphere reserves you a good understanding within your couple, especially if you are of the first decan. You can already organize your next romantic vacation. If you’re the type in a rush, you can book a romantic day getaway in a European capital. This will surely be the occasion for one or the other to make his marriage proposal. If you are single, you should build your self-confidence. This will help you in your search for love.

Despite your innate romantic nature, today you will think more in terms of passion than romance. You will become more interested in your physical appearance and you may end up at the hair salon and wearing new clothes. Your colors might be blue and lavender, but a hint of red excitement wouldn’t go wrong! Call your partner and have a nice time.

New faces could well integrate your professional entourage. Unknown clients or colleagues can join your team. Among these newcomers, there will surely be one or two with whom you will hang particularly well. This element of novelty can also concern the equipment with which you work: certain innovations will allow you to be more efficient.

Will work be a drag today? You will have to work more hours than usual. Something that you do not feel like anything. You would rather pursue your personal interests or perhaps you have plans to go out with friends or that special person in your life. Finish everything on time, put off nonessential tasks, and then you can have fun.

Money and Luck
The intensity of this day might arouse in you a certain revolt against events or conversations overheard here and there. Some problems throw you off guard because they seem really serious. You eye a job and hear that so-and-so is likely to land it for you. Don’t get angry. Don’t feel wrong, it’s best to relax and negotiate the issue a bit later when you’re less nervous. Taurus Luck Today

Today your inner fire may feel somewhat suffocated by cruel reality. Give people the benefit of the doubt. They are more perceptive than you might imagine. In fact, it might be good if you get some honest opinions today from people you trust. It may be difficult for you to cope with the truth in your current situation since you are the one who is trapped inside the “whirlpool.” Consider the perspective of others.

Mercury, which arrives today in house VIII, makes you benefit from its benefactor aura which will have unexpected consequences on your sign, especially for the natives of the first decan. Your astral climate is placed under the sign of opulence so it would be wise to make the most of it. Take advantage of this favorable state to try to set up investments that you have been thinking about for a long time and which will have every chance to benefit from these good auspices.

Family and Friends
The weather is fine for the natives of the sign. In the family circle, you will be pampered and will be able to demonstrate sufficient diplomacy to defuse the small tensions of everyday life. In the friendly field, the planets will position themselves very favorably today. Your friends will be a great support and will give you the breath of fresh air that you need. You might even be contacted by a lost friend. The pretty memories you will share will complete this decidedly very pleasant day.

Today you will be drawn in several directions at the same time. The challenge will be to stay focused on what you have started to finish. Try to limit distractions, the phone for example … Tell your friends that you can talk to them at another time. Don’t go out to lunch if it will distract you too much. If you make an effort of discipline, you will achieve your goals.

Plagued by repeated cockroach shots? The solution is within you! Prepare your homemade insecticide. Combine a pinch of motivation and a hint of optimism. Linked to your fondest memories, drink this magic potion from morning to night when the slightest doubt crosses you. The antidote for the most skeptical, remedy for the most passive, it removes all ill-being from your mind. Soon, this sluggishness will disappear from your daily life.

Today you will feel very energetic, both physically and mentally, and you probably feel like doing some physical activity. Go to the gym if you have time, or at least go for a walk. You will spend a lot of time working on challenging tasks that will keep your mind active. You will be quite nervous towards dusk. Relax, have a glass of wine, and watch a good movie.

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