Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Monday 16th November 2020

Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Monday 16th November 2020

You have a much more collective state of mind than usual. As if you were bored of your solo races across the Atlantic … You have just returned from two months of complete solitude, and it suddenly seems absurd to you. You want to be among those you love, you are looking for warmth.

Today you will want to do what you please, regardless of what others want. Your independence is very important to you. However, compromise is necessary to avoid serious conflict. Consider dividing your time to fulfill the wishes of those close to you and your own. If you can’t explain why you want to be alone, the best solution to this lack of understanding is this.taurus daily horoscope 16th november 2020

You will be in a charitable mood today. Maybe one of your friends finds himself alone, or that another is having a hard time with his breakup or the death of his grandmother? Whatever the cause, you will welcome young and old with open arms to your “home sweet home”. Even the alley cat has smelled the sweet smell of hot milk floating in your house!

Today will start as a very frustrating day. Be prepared! Maybe some equipment you were working with breaks down, and it will take time to repair. A temporary separation from your partner can also make you unhappy. You will have too much physical energy and too little immediate output. Take a long walk. Not only can this serve as an energetic outlet, but it will also clear your mind.

On the sentimental front, the harmony that reigns between Mars and Venus allows you to consider this day with serenity. Take this opportunity to refocus on your relationship or your personal desires if you are single. The only downside for those who are native in love is that your entourage gets involved a little too much in your private life, which could cause conflicts within your relationship. Don’t listen to the outside too much, a couple is built in two, not three, four, and even less five.

You are a real weathervane today. Between your work, family obligations, and phone calls, you don’t know where to turn! In the midst of all this mess, still, find time to breathe and take care of yourself. Stay awake an hour later relaxing in front of a good movie, or get up an hour early for a jog if you’re early in the morning. Think about yourself a little too!

It may be difficult for you to express yourself today; It seems like the words don’t come out as clearly as you’d like. There are some very intense emotions involved and you may have trouble stepping on safe ground in all the mud. Try not to restrict yourself to only one way of doing things. Today patience is a key virtue: wait for things to clear up before acting.

Money and Luck
If you find yourself currently grappling with some professional difficulties, such as power conflicts, you will have to rely on your own strength to get you out. You are going to have some difficulty today in reconciling your needs with those of others. Are you not gaining more and more independence? Taurus Luck Today

You are on a roll, those couple of new ideas, very innovative by the way, will help you achieve your life goals. Unfortunately, you will find stones on your way. There will always be people who resist change and who will ruin your plans without any qualms. Most likely, the natural fear of the unknown induces them to do so. Help them understand your perspective.

When you start a new job, it’s not always easy to find your place. Without sowing discord among the groups already formed, move the lines a little. Break this endless belief of the last arrived/unloved in the one who is always up for a laugh. Your sign is known to always have a store of sociability. No one will be able to resist for long your tempting offer “for a hello bought, a smile offered”. Courage!

Family and Friends
Your mistrustful character prompts you to operate a “selective sorting” in your circle of friends. Guided by Jupiter, your instinct is carried away by the intoxication of the hunt. You eradicate the “too distant”, the “too mocking”, the “too selfish” without being in the lace. You may later regret these overly summary judgments. Perhaps learn to take more nuanced positions and accept your friends with their good and bad qualities.

Today, you are going to take stock of all that you have committed to accomplishing during the day. The man who was worth “3 billion dates”, you know? It’s about you! You will have to face the facts: you have no possibility (unless you cultivate the gift of ubiquity) to honor your myriad of promises. Despite your goodwill, you are going to have to disappoint some of them. So choose carefully which ones you will have to say “no” to today.

Your health is doing admirably. But you should trust yourself a little more. For that, we must of course be positive and let go. You will then be really serene in all circumstances. If it helps, make an appointment with a sophrologist or do some meditation. A small hot stone massage and a good meal will give you all the strength you need.

Today is one of those days when people will encourage you to feel more cheerful. It is a good day to share some jokes or listen to funny stories. Don’t be afraid to add some of your own, as you have a good sense of tongue-in-cheek comedy. Sometimes you funnily see life, but also a little dark! Today surround yourself with the laughter of others, and you will feel good.

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