Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Monday 1st February 2021

Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Monday 1st February 2021

Positive people tend to shy away from those who are constantly complaining or lamenting about the reality they live. The enthusiasm that you put into everything you undertake will be the key to success. Do not anticipate events and avoid comments with gossiping colleagues or neighbors that could entangle you in some inconvenient gossip. The first impressions you receive from other people related to a business may lack clarity and cause you concern. Do not be guided by appearances and delve into their credentials before signing something with them, put your head to work, and intuition, but especially your Taurus experience.

You’ll find yourself driving around in your community, perhaps running errands or returning visitors. Much of your time will be affected by conversations with friends, perhaps in person, perhaps over the phone. At some point in the day, you will hear good news or discover some fascinating information. Take a walk before you go to sleep. Your mind will be so active that otherwise, you will not be able to sleep.taurus daily horoscope 1st february 2021

There is the possibility of having recurring dreams with someone who is not by your side, or memories that inspire you to try to contact her. Be guided by them. Possibly your intuition will not fail you and it will be indicating something that could change your sentimental reality.

Relationships of all kinds will thrive at this time. The mind and emotions are beneficially linked, allowing you to increase your understanding of those around you. Romantic relationships in particular are reinforced, and you can better understand your partner’s values, attitudes, and motivations. You must make your intuitions known to everyone around you – preferably in a more subtle than verbal way. The latter may sound condescending.

Your native Heaven foreshadows a rather dull day on the marital level. Daily realities will act as a brake on the great outbursts of the heart and will trivialize shared tenderness. React quickly, introducing the unexpected into your relationship. Singles, if you are one of the natives who have just embarked on a new love story, watch out for Pluto: there will be passion in the air, but also, for some, a disappointment!

If you could not achieve your aspirations, you have likely set goals that were not within your reach. Make realistic plans for yourself, don’t be infatuated by anything fanciful or commercial. You still have time to carry out your projects from when this year began!

Always on the move and in action, you will hardly think of saving your strength. But it will be essential that you rest from time to time, otherwise, your nerves could crack, and it will be a disaster.

Today you will experience a breakthrough in your personal life. Perhaps you have had problems in your relationships with a girlfriend. There may be some disagreements that have created some distance between the two. Today a spirit of peace and harmony will be in the air. You will be motivated to put grievances aside, put down your swords, and get closer to this person.

If you were looking for a job very soon you will have good news since now, with your ruler, Venus, direct, the way is paved for solutions. Knock on doors, never give up.

Saturn in beautiful appearance will favor all your professional endeavors. You will be right to be ambitious. However, forgo projects that are clearly beyond your means or that seem doomed from the start.

You are normally a very intuitive person, and today you will find yourself experiencing clairvoyance and you have nothing to envy the best clairvoyant in the world. You feel like you are especially adapting to the other levels, and your dreams are probably strong and graphic. Use the messages you receive to inspire creative careers. Try painting, music, or poetry. Not only will you be in awe of the results, but you will also learn more from the work itself.

Money and Luck
The influence of the Moon in transit through your Taurus sign this Monday surrounds you with an intuitive tone that you must follow. Your cognitive ability is at a high pitch and if you pay attention to those hunches you could make money in a business, where others have lost. Taurus Luck Today

Do not let yourself be drawn into ill-prepared or far too risky financial operations: you could find yourself in a catastrophic situation because some stars will be against you on this plane.

You will have nightmares that will make you wake up angry, with no apparent reason for the anger. It would be good if you examined those dreams and tried to analyze them to know the origin of your anger and the best way to eliminate it. Some puzzling news about money is very likely to turn out to be unfounded, so don’t be scandalous and get the nervous hearing it.

Family and Friends
The good family atmosphere for the majority of you. Boosted by the influence of the Sun in your sign, you will demonstrate an infectious dynamism that your loved ones will benefit from.

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