Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Monday 25th December 2017

Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Monday 25th December 2017

During this astral cycle that you are experiencing the last days of the year, you will notice how self-employment receives a strong astral impulse, especially if it is a question of small businesses. Put your initiative to work and you will see how the difficulties begin to be solved.

Also in love, there are pleasant new ones because your current relationship solidifies and you feel safe and confident. You understand that there is no point worrying about a suspicion, listening to a rumor or gossip, but rather trusting your experience, your sixth sense, and your intuition that will not fail you.taurus daily horoscope 25th december 2017


Taurus Love Today 25th December 2017
The love life you now enjoy is stable and happy and will be even better as you project yourself into new dimensions. Storms and emotional conflicts have been left behind and now new broad ways of communicating with your partner are open to you, which you will notice starting next year when you have started a very dynamic cycle in your sentimental reality.

Taurus Health Today 25th December 2017
Mercury retrograde transit can cause tensions in your nervous system which in turn are reflected in your skin, your stomach, and the heart if you try to solve the problems at all. What is the most advisable? Take everything more calmly and do what you can, without exaggeration.

Taurus Work Today 25th December 2017
Happily, no labor difficulties are observed during this astral stage although you might feel somewhat insecure due to certain rumors of layoffs or bankruptcies around you. Do not let those influences affect your mood and keep going, Taurus because as long as your attitude is positive and enthusiastic, you will attract good energies to yourself.

Taurus Luck and Money Today 25th December 2017
Do you need extra income? Cheer up, Taurus! This is the time to leave behind all the hesitations and act decisively. There is money waiting for your initiatives and next year will be very productive in every way.