Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Monday 26th October 2020

Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Monday 26th October 2020

Your ruler is in the water element like the Moon, hence you must be very timely in everything you do or say to avoid misinterpretations caused by a feeling of susceptibility. Your partner is waiting for some different initiative from you. Do not be discouraged if something does not go as you expect because soon you will receive pleasant sentimental news. Do not let yourself be drawn into confrontations, much less to argue with those who try to impose their points of view at all costs.

Today is the perfect day for production. The planetary positions speak of reality and concreteness. Today, two plus two is four and everything is what it appears to be. Those who find you a bit prim or very annoying will see how wrong they were. The facts are on your side! But be careful, that doesn’t mean you don’t tend to be overly perfectionist.taurus daily horoscope 26th october 2020

The new moon is coming in your opposite sign. Remove negative situations from your emotional horizon and do not let them spoil your intimacy or your life as a couple. The best will occur in the intimate plane in which your relationship is accentuated and what was cold or weak will be strengthened.

Taking care of yourself today means taking care of your home. If possible, stay close to your nest and do things to improve your holy shrine. Vacuum, dust, and scrub! Get your hands dirty. You will reap great rewards when you finish. You will feel a special sense of accomplishment that will bring you closer to home. If possible, try to get other family members involved as well.

Venus is there to soften your daily life. Passionate relationships will punctuate this day placed under the sign of carnal pleasure. The presence of the planet of love in your Heaven frees you from your anxieties related to your love situation: you live your relationship from day to day, without worrying about the next day. Whether you are a couple or single, you will have a strong desire to arouse desire and seduce. Let yourself go, all occasions are good to amaze the loved or coveted person.

Magnificent this Monday of trills and planetary sextiles to carry out your health plans, start in a gym, or at least propose seriously and responsibly to do even half an hour of daily physical exercises that will be very beneficial in your life. If you are subject to it, some headaches are to be expected but you will quickly find the hair of the animal. Breathe deeply and hydrate as much as possible. Ginger and lavender essential oil are also good calming agents. Eat light (fresh vegetables and steamed fish, for example) and take a nap. You should still have a good day.

Today you will think about parenthood. Or you will reflect on your relationship with your own father. The issues of male authority will be on your mind. You will examine your own wishes to be a parent now or in the future. What differences would you have with your own father? Would you raise your children more strictly or would you be more forgiving? It is good that you think about these ideas during the day.

Continue your positive work rhythm, but at the same time, you must be careful because there is an astral tone that inclines you to precipitation and if you try to do something new for yourself, without prior information, you could make mistakes at work.

This could be a study day, in fact, it would be better to call it laborious. But you love to work, and you will take all the work you can do today. It is a good day to work on all those things in your life that still need your attention, things that have not yet found a permanent place in your life, like some of your relationships, for example.

Money and Luck
Pay attention to all the details and do not overlook the critical observations of your friends who know economics and know how to run their businesses, especially if you have started a job on your own, because you need good advice now that your opposite sign is ruling. Taurus Luck Today

Have you been thinking of starting a psychic reading? If you have, there is surely a woman in your neighborhood who is very skilled, and could give you surprising but welcome information about your future. If you don’t know who this person is, make inquiries, possibly in a metaphysical bookstore. Many compliments await you – but it always helps to have an idea of what it is all about!

At the cost of many efforts and many concessions that are not always obvious, you are at a crossroads. A turn could cause some disorder in your thought flow. Hang on. Even if landing on the Moon seems impossible, your sign is known to always bring you back to earth. In short, although this decision seems insurmountable to you, trust the light of the stars to enlighten you.

Family and Friends
From time to time, luck works in our favor. By putting on social pageantry, it helps to weave a hardcore of sincere and timeless friendships. Sometimes as precious as a blood link, the action of the heart takes more value on the stock market. By dividing all your worries by two, it accentuates the sweetness of life. Trust Jupiter. Omnipresent, the planet will mark the sky of your daily life in moments of accomplices and liberators.

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