Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Monday 28th January 2019

Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Monday 28th January 2019

You feel driven to dominate your partner but with that attitude, you would move away from your side. It is not right to try to control others. Think about it because it does not suit you.

You discover the best way to end a relationship that does not help you and thanks to a chance conjuncture you take a resolution that will involve a 90-degree turn in your emotional horizon. You will happily end a negotiation or contract that was pending and in matters of money, you will feel calmer Taurus.taurus daily horoscope today monday 28th january 2019

If you manage to channel that possessive tendency that is enveloping you and guide you towards the tender and sensual part of your Taurus sign you will have a great day. What is happening today as the day goes by with today’s lunar transit to the water element is that you feel jealous and this could be harmful in a relationship.

You wake up very dynamic and with a high level of physical energy. You are receiving signs of recovery if you have had any recent physical problems, which will stimulate you to continue the health plans you are now carrying out. The important thing is always to strengthen your will because that is where the secret lies for iron health.

Work and Career
Remember that within you is the possibility of increasing your productivity and achieving better working conditions. The only thing you have to do is not break up so much, concentrate your energy in one direction as well as avoid the distractions that arise in the place where you are employed. Tomorrow, Monday you will have a very hectic day so from today organize yourself well so that you can do everything you have planned.

Money and Luck
You get proposals, initiatives and very interesting and suggestive ideas that will help you earn more money, but only if you act quickly and do not let them cool because then the “momentum” and therefore the opportunity would be lost.

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