Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Monday 29th July 2019

Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Monday 29th July 2019

You will see how love and joy reign again in your life if you do not pay attention to the murmuring. The influence of the Moon throws you to the conquest so leave aside reservations, fears, and inhibitions and address directly with words and positive actions the person that interests you so much.

You will melt his heart with your presence alone. The cosmic energy that surrounds you these final days of the month will make next August one of the happiest periods of the year 2019.

Was there any previous difficulty in your love life, Taurus? An illusion arises in your life and you feel motivated and happy again, willing to give you a second chance and try to turn this new romance into something enduring and much better than the previous relationship.

You are starting an exhausting stage and you must gather your strength so as not to get too tired. Plan your activities with time and you will see how with more organization you finish everything you have pending and at the same time you rest.

It is definitely your travel time, home departures and the search for jobs associated with abroad. If you are not doing what you like, start moving in another direction to perform as a person and worker.

Money and Luck
The air of self-confidence and optimism that today distills your aura impresses everyone and helps others to entrust responsibilities related to money and economic funds. You are at an auspicious time to increase your income.


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