Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Monday 31st December 2018

Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Monday 31st December 2018

It can be said that this will be a Monday full of emotions because from early in the morning the phone will not stop ringing with messages and messages, likewise, on your computer, you will receive news from those you have not seen for a long time and that makes you very happy.

However, in the sentimental order, you will face a dilemma because on the one hand you are interested, but you fear not being reciprocated, and on the other hand, the rejection that could have arisen keeps you tied, without orienting yourself in other directions. You must define your feelings and separate what can be a whim, a passing illusion or an emotion of the moment, with what is a deep and real feeling. When the new year 2019 starts, everything must have been very clear.taurus daily horoscope today monday 31st december 2018

Now that you are on the threshold of a new cycle in your life, a new year, you are required to look at your reality with a more positive wave and do not let existential concerns make you bitter for the day. A last minute social invitation will be fun, take advantage of it as it will make you happy at the end of the year and put you in the mode of happiness and fun.

Rest, rest and make useful use of your last day of Monday of the year. It is an ideal day, if time permits, for you to go outdoors, alone or with your partner, friends or family, because the contact with nature will revitalize you and put you in magnificent conditions. However, if there is snow or the weather conditions are adverse then do not risk or expose yourself unprotected to the elements.

If you lost a job in this planetary cycle, it is a sign of change. What you get now will be better, you’ll see, because nothing happens for pleasure. In the hands of each one is the possibility of improving life because it is oneself who is carving out their destiny day by day.

Money and Luck
Continue as you go and you will succeed in all your money management. There is nothing negative in your economic life and if you wait a bit you will see how even the most complicated issues are resolved happily. Remember that your Taurus sign attracts fortune and money at your side.

By Mary Emma

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