Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Monday 7th December 2020

Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Monday 7th December 2020

This day your ruler is squaring the Moon, a somewhat unstable 90-degree aspect, but the sextile action with Mars (60 degrees apart) tilts everything in your favor. On the other hand, with the transit of the Moon towards your sign and the conjunction of Venus with Pluto, your psychic springs are accentuated, Taurus. It is a time of intuition and clairvoyant dreams, of fantasies. It’s nice if you cultivate it in your love relationship and do something different and fun, but dangerous if you don’t put your feet on the ground when making decisions and let yourself be carried away by lucubrations thinking that money is going to fall from the sky, when not it is so.

The decisions you make today might not be welcomed … No need to get on your high horse and get angry. Instead, seek to create a climate of trust and peace. If you try to break the harmony by getting into a quarrel, you will be seen as a bad player. Stay calm, and if the reactions of others annoy you, chomp on the brakes. History will judge who was right and wrong. Today is a great day for you, and you should be able to strongly take control of your unbridled emotions. But don’t yank the horse. The keys of the day are tenderness and education. The more assertive and conservative you are in your approach, the more satisfying each of the tasks you perform will be. Mrs. Fortune is on your side.taurus daily horoscope 7th december 2020

Sextile of Venus with Mars! Today you feel very inspired and if you unleash your feelings you will be pleasantly surprising your partner. Invent something full of fantasy, a love game that breaks the routine, and you will see how good this night of passion turns out for you. A powerful need to bond strongly with friends or your love can cause you to go out looking for them. Today you will spend a lot of time on the phone, making plans or just chatting about topics that interest you both. Communication with others should be honest, frank, and clear, but not aggressive. Towards the end of the day, expect to feel really close to those that interest you.

If you are not married, you might think that your man is in no hurry to be so, he will avoid looking you straight in the eye! But, you might get a surprise today … or not, but in that case, stay cool anyway!

Use your common sense when taking your vitamins and nutritional products and do not burden yourself with the ones you do not need. Read the labels well before consuming any supplement and you will avoid dangerous excesses. Don’t buy impulsively. Today it seems that your creative talents are totally blocked. You may have a project that you really want to work on, and you have the mental focus, but the creative element is gone. This can seem so frustrating that you’re going to want to throw everything to hell. Do it only if you must! (Preferably a pillow.) However, the only answer will be to file everything until tomorrow. By that time you will feel normal again.

Pay attention to your duty today. You have a well-asserted notion of time and, at the same time, the impression that the days are slipping through your fingers … Make sure you put the feelings in the balance: it can be difficult at first but signs make it feel like it’s an important point in your life. We must heal this part of the ego to avoid additional worries!

You are very well sponsored and at the least expected moment, you will get the news that you have been waiting for a long time. If you are out of work, the prospects for 2021 are very promising and this day you will see it. Don’t hesitate if it’s taking a project or making plans today. Your organizational skills will be supplemented with extra energy putting together a perfect recipe to handle practically anything. Make sure to write down your goals and plans on paper or on the computer to help you stay focused. If you decide to clean up today, get rid of the things you never use. Consider donating them, as someone could put them to good use.

A little lightness in your daily life. Phew. It was starting to get a little heavy. Smile … Watch yourself work as a bully, come home exhausted, and slump into an armchair. Isn’t that laughable in a way? Today, maybe so. How about pushing up to get in your car and take a drive through the countryside for an hour or two?

Money and Luck
You may have financial complications related to children. Remember to set aside some money for eventualities and to share quality time in an amusement center for the whole family. You are overwhelmed by constant restlessness because you have not yet fulfilled your destiny. Your intuition suddenly tells you that your purpose in this life is more transcendental than what you do right now. Analyze the idea to determine the action you must take in pursuit of that great inner desire. The ideal time to put ambitious long-term goals into action. Taurus Luck Today

Your sagacity and your innate sense of human relationships will be in the spotlight today. However, these beautiful qualities will not be to everyone’s liking, and you might see a few obstacles popping up. Do not be completely traumatized! It is also important that you learn to accept the opinions and ideas of others, even and especially if they are different from your own!

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