Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 11th November 2017

Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 11th November 2017

Remember that you are living under the effluvium of your regent, Venus, in an important planetary transit. Something maybe does not go as expected, but rejoice! The changes will be positive because in life there are no failures, but experiences and what happens will be for your good. This weekend that is approaching by leaps and bounds will mark a “before” and an “after” in your personal relationships.

You will discover hidden feelings, both within you and in someone who until now was indifferent to you. Remember to open your heart to life, to the opportunities that are arising every day and do not let yourself be carried away by defeatist or negative ideas that lead to nothing good, Taurus.taurus daily horoscope of 11th november 2017


Taurus Love
The influence of these planetary combinations and the lunar transit that is happening this day can make you somewhat anxious. Do not precipitate any negative situation with your partner or with that person that interests you by acting irresponsibly. Wait for the explanations, keep calm.

Taurus Health
If you buy all the books in the world and the most modern exercise videos, but sit down to watch them in front of the television, or read them in a chair, rest assured that you have not done anything useful for your health. It’s your time to do, not to say, do not forget.

Taurus Work
Your active and dynamic personality requires an ideal job, an activity in which you can develop fully. You may be forced to do something that you do not like, but take it as something transient and see it projecting into the future.

Taurus Money and Luck
Try to study another language and that knowledge will allow you to ascend in your work and also increase your income quickly. Your mastery of a foreign language will be the factor that will help you earn more money in this planetary cycle at the end of the year.