Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 20th February 2021

Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 20th February 2021

A sign of the water element has begun to rule, which is very auspicious for you because it imparts that tender tone that you needed so much to reaffirm, something very Taurus, but that in past days had been distorted. Something unconventional will happen that will take you out of the routine, both in love and in other facets of your life. Fortunately, at this stage, your way of seeing reality is more dynamic and direct, something that will significantly contribute to overcoming any past difficulties and will encourage you to jump decisively into what you have in mind.

Today you will feel the need to have some time of your own. Time alone is something that you value very much, without this, the problems seem to multiply and worsen. If you need to step aside, just say so. If you feel like that doesn’t work, there are other ways to be alone with your thoughts. It’s amazing how you can enjoy time alone while doing chores or at work.taurus daily horoscope 20th february 2021

If there were errors, they are amended. The important thing is not to let love slip away by clinging to a stubborn attitude. By giving in we win. When you look at your reality with a renewed perspective, then love ceases to be a dream. What you project will attract passion or indifference.

Heart-wise, this day will be crucial for many single natives. We’re not saying you’re going to find the love of your life today (though…), but you’re going to come very close. A decisive meeting? The return of a former lover? A colleague with whom you find yourself hooked? The future will tell you! For native-born couples, nothing will disturb the tranquility of your life together. Take advantage, thunderstorms could resurface very quickly.

Matters of the heart will be around your head a lot today. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, you’ll probably think in idealistic, fairytale love terms, enjoying this thought. It will inspire you to create or start thinking about building a strong and safe home. Communication with your love, friends, and family should be clear, open, and honest, but also warm, intimate, and loving.

You must take care of your feet so that their disorders do not hurt your health. Take care of them as you should with a warm bath for ten or fifteen minutes, a massage with oils, good shoes.

You may experience a feeling of melancholy that you will have a hard time letting go of. The nostalgia for a bygone era is likely to overwhelm you and will create a heavy atmosphere around you. This feeling that will accompany you throughout the day is due to the position of Pluto in your astral sky. To ventilate yourself a little and to find a little energy, do not hesitate to go for a long walk which will allow you to oxygenate yourself and put your ideas back in place.

Today you may not feel your best. Without a doubt, your discomfort is the result of your latest excesses. You can’t blame anyone but yourself for that horrible headache and upset stomach. Try not to take out your bad temper with your surroundings. Just ask them to leave you alone. In the afternoon, despite being somewhat dazed, you will be able to recover and you will be in a better mood without a doubt.

Your way of dealing with a certain complicated work situation will help you solve the problem that has arisen quickly and with a sense of humor. If you are a housewife this is a good weekend.

Try not to be tempted and fall for gossip. There will be rumors in the air today, and it will be better for you to protect yourself. Although there is indeed some truth in the gossip, the embellishments that they added to the story make it too much. Feelings can be hurt. If you don’t want yours to get hurt, then stay away from the coffee machine at work.

Money and Luck
Watch your financial affairs. You can get distracted and stop paying important bills. If you put your accounts in order, you will find that you can earn more with less effort. Taurus Luck Today

As the global economy continues to expand, don’t be surprised if you find yourself surrounded by new possibilities related to your employment situation. Today you could receive more than one proposal to increase your income. The problem will be to analyze these opportunities and try to decide which are the most attractive and functional for you. Make a list of the options and highlight the pros and cons of each. Sometimes when writing them, things are seen more clearly.

Weeks since you haven’t taken a proper lunch break. Months that you haven’t been able to enjoy a full weekend with your family. Years of giving without counting your time. Today is the moment or never to rebalance the balance in terms of investment. Seeing as the balance of good vibes is in your favor, learn to distribute all of this energizing energy fairly. In short, you must let go before it electrocutes you!

Family and Friends
Your family and social life will be influenced by the planets, especially the Moon. The day will normally be very sweet and happy. On the other hand, if you have teenagers or older children, you will face some disagreements. Don’t wait for the chaos to react. You need to take matters into your own hands immediately by having a discussion away from home. Listen to their requests and try to accept them without judgment. You will succeed in finding compromises and you will quickly reconnect the bonds that unite you.

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