Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 21st July 2018

Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 21st July 2018

Your ruler, the planet Venus, is wrapping you with a loving and tender tone. A cycle is very intuitive, full of premonitions, hunches, imagination and sensitivity, a period that is going to extend throughout the month of July to take advantage of it.

It is your time to make peace with a friend or friendship with whom you could have had a difference, reconcile with a sentimental partner if there were problems and consolidate your emotional life because now your personality is perceived as tender, compassionate and loving.taurus daily horoscope saturday 21st july 2018

It is time to fully enjoy what you are currently experiencing in your affective life and positively channel sad thoughts that may come to your mind these days as a result of astral planetary movements.

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Your Taurus sign is receiving a good planetary influence, but do not get saturated with vitamin supplements that you do not really need because that way you would be altering your metabolism.

An unusual weekend because at the last minute there is something that forces you to spend more time than usual in your work. Take it sportingly, do it with enthusiasm and you’ll be able to enjoy your weekend better.

Money and Luck
The transit of your regent, the planet Venus, directly, will help you discover the time and place where the money is waiting for you. Do not neglect those hunches that will indicate you better than other times, what you should do.