Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 25th August 2018

Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 25th August 2018

You will have a second chance to rebuild your life if you are single or single at this time. There are very alarmist co-workers whose only function seems to be to create discord. Do not pay attention to them, let alone waste your precious energy commenting on gossip or falling into provocative and tendentious gossip, Taurus.

Fortune is favoring you and what you are longing for can be achieved only by proposing it. Apply your willpower and you will see how your dreams of economic prosperity materialize quickly.taurus daily horoscope saturday 25th august 2018

The transit of the Moon by Libra continues and the direct route of Saturn in Sagittarius begins. The retrograde planets are now Mercury, Uranus, Neptune and the planetoid Pluto. The transit of Saturn now acts as a school in your life and you learn from your past sentimental experiences. In this new romantic encounter that you have in front of you, you discover new potentialities and ways to gracefully exit embarrassing situations.

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Time to think about what to do this weekend. Leave home, enjoy the sea, the lakes, the mountains or the countryside, because in them you will find the source of health. Those hours of recreation will revitalize you completely.

Propose to do everything you have planned and do not keep putting off those cumbersome and heavy tasks that you constantly avoid. Once you start doing them, you will feel as if you have taken a weight off.

Money and Luck
A good business is about to crystallize. Continue your projects, save, continue investing and you will see how soon you receive your reward. In a few days, when Mercury, the planet of communications, is once again direct, the doors of prosperity will open, Taurus.