Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 27th July 2019

The tone that must prevail at all times is of relaxation and calm to be able to counteract the impulsive effects of retrograde Mercury on this Saturday of the lunar eclipse. Do not let anyone come to your house or your life to sow tares or create difficulties between you and your family members.

Fortunately, the circumstances in your environment are favorable and although initially, it seemed to you that you were not going to have time or money to solve an urgent matter, today you realize that you are in the right way to face what is presented. You are in a tone of recapitulation and rectification of errors.

Love always needs an unexpected touch, a detail, a surprisingly gentle gesture. A change of image will cause you to admire both the loved one and those who see you and this will not only strengthen your self-esteem but will be positive for both of you.

It is very favored if you have bone problems or have suffered a fall or accident in recent days, but relapses can occur if you neglect and do not follow your treatments. It is also auspicious to explore alternative healing of the natural type.

You will be active and diligent and make progress on plans that until now were just abstract ideas. This will be an exciting time for you where you can break the routine both in your professional work and at home if you are resting.

Money and Luck
You have a very positive aura going around and you may receive money unexpectedly, in the mail or in a casino. Take advantage of the night hours to tempt chance and follow the deep dictates of your Inner Being.


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