Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 3rd August 2019

The planet Mercury is retrograde so choose intelligently the words you are going to say. You need prudence so as not to hurt who loves you, but who may not have been able to express it well. However, this action is compensated by the effect of direct Venus which puts you in the time of the conquest. They find you adorable and with a lot of charisma.

Your superiors respond pleasantly to your suggestions, your co-workers are friendly and cooperative, and in general, you end the week in a happy, optimistic and healthy tone. It clarifies an emotional issue that had given you many headaches during this time.

This day demands from you to compensate for what is missing with your joy, Taurus. You must yield so that your love life flows because if you start to remember something that was once told you and that bothered you, and you continue to feed that idea, you could not enjoy the relationship you now have or the one that is in the making.

If your health problems are related to insomnia today you can sleep happily. Try to avoid getting used to sleeping pills and induce your sleep naturally. A decaffeinated linden tea before going to bed is ideal. Avoid copious dinners.

Apply your ingenuity and natural Taurus tenacity to a disconcerting situation in your workplace. If you take the setbacks in a sporty way, you can immediately turn them into something positive. Do not regret and you will see how everything goes well from now on.

Money and Luck
The astral changes present in your horoscope predict important decisions with your associates regarding the use of common income. If you have family businesses, try to put your affairs in order before the end of this month of August. That way everything will be better.

What mysteries will be revealed by the tarot on this day August 3, 2019? Today’s Taurus horoscope will not leave you indifferent! Are the Taurus the most stubborn of the whole zodiac? Below you have all the answers!

Is Taurus able to ever forget? Of course not! A Taurus never forgets and rarely forgives. Playing a trick on Taurus can bring you many problems in the future. He will always remember the good and the bad, any detail you had with him.

They are by far the most stubborn of the entire calendar. They insist on turning the same issue once and again until it is settled. They will soon talk to the person who has the problem.

If the subject is not closed in a short time, Taurus will keep it in his memory. You will remember the details so that when the time comes, everything can be clarified. No matter how much time elapses, Taurus will not leave matters pending.

They also have a hard time forgetting the people who hurt their friends or loved ones. The suffering of the people you love will be recorded. He will do everything in his power to fix the matter.

Most Taurus are good at memorizing important dates and data. They remember friends’ birthdays well. Nor do they forget their appointments and payment terms.

My partner Taurus has not forgotten his ex
Why is my partner Taurus still remembering his ex? As we have explained, Taurus always remembers. Due to the damage suffered and the unfinished debates. Taurus’s head will not rest until his posture is clear and everything has an explanation.

Misunderstandings make him sleep every night. He or she is happy with your current partner, although they must finish closing that chapter completely. The sooner you decide to fix it the better.

This day Taurus is blessed, as the letter “The Force” indicates. Action, success, and courage. These attributes are increased for all those born under the sign of Taurus. It is the ideal time for you to talk to that person once and for all.

Taurus lives the breakups in a special way
Does Taurus live the end of relationships differently? Taurus has a hard time showing his love. Overcoming this barrier and so many others has cost a great effort. Taurus feels the breaks strongly.

It is not just the fact that he has lost his crush. The effort and dedication they have put in each day have not been useful at all. They feel great frustration and a great feeling of abandonment. They consider that the other person does not value them at all.

Although it may not seem like it, you will need help from your friends. The Taurus man or woman who has suffered the break will be strong. Inside they will be very sad and their loved ones will have to support them.

Always talk to the Taurus person who has ended a relationship. Although your smile tries to prove otherwise, they are broken inside. Later they will thank you and you will have a lasting friendship.


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