Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 7th November 2020

Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 7th November 2020

With the effluvium of your ruler Venus in transit through the element of fire and the influence of the meteor shower of the Taurus, you feel rejuvenated and with more impetus to do many things that until now you were putting off. A few busy days are coming, and with the energy of your direct Venus ruler, you feel more secure and confident in yourself, in your resources, and your abilities. It’s time to acknowledge a mistake, fix it, and move on. The influence of the Piscean Moon on this day accentuates your Taurus intuition and helps you focus your energy on what is really important.

Act without hesitation today, especially if you’re following unfamiliar directions or exploring new territory. It may not sound like the best advice, but this is a day to say an unwavering “yes” to all kinds of proposals that come your way, even if some are confusing. You shine in this type of test. Expect to be on top of your class by the end of the day.taurus daily horoscope 7th november 2020

Revolution of the Taurus! There is someone close to you waiting for your expressions of human warmth and for you to show them your feelings more. Your responsibilities are limiting you a lot and this involuntary withdrawal can ruin your love relationship. No matter how much work you have, do not neglect that important part of your life.

Relationships with others have always been important to you, and as a result, you have learned to be charming, polite, and friendly. Today social commitments will allow you to make use of your ability to socialize, and you will not only make new friends, but also valuable contacts. You will end the day with a strong feeling of having accomplished something. These activities, however, can take you away from home and family more than you would like.

You feel melancholy even when your relationship is doing well. The moon in your axis resuscitates emotions from the past and makes you nostalgic for the beginnings. Perhaps the occasion to celebrate the longevity of your love and its stability, despite the turbulence? Your partner will be understanding and show you the good sides of a long-lasting relationship. Single, you find it difficult to get rid of a relationship that is however over. This discourages your suitors.

The current planetary incidents make you prone to the flu or colds and even influenza or flu caused by climate change, inclement weather, and the action of the elements. You mustn’t go out unprotected to the street, cover your head and protect yourself especially your neck that as you know is the most vulnerable part of the body of your Taurus sign.

The little health problems you might have had in the last few days and the general tiredness you felt already seem like a distant memory. And for good reason, the appearance of Mars in your Sky brings you the necessary to overcome any obstacle with vitality and combativeness. How to conserve this energy? Live! Maybe not at full speed, just to save some fuel for the future, but 80 is not bad!

Certain financial goals will be uncertain for you at this time. You know what you want, but you don’t know how to distinguish your priorities. Do you want to make some investments? Do you want to buy a new house? Or do you want to spend it all buying an item you’ve wanted for a long time? You have to make some decisions, but not today. Wait a bit, until you feel calmer.

Attention! Putting a novel work plan into operation requires the collaboration of others. Do not try to impose your ideas, but to convince them with arguments and now, happily, you have your persuasive powers on the rise, which will be all you need to achieve success in your efforts.

Some administrative work related to your business ventures can be completed today, possibly at your home. This can mean a new and unexpected development, which may disorient you a little, but try to recover and take advantage of the circumstances. Whatever the opportunity, all the signs suggest that it leads to success, so don’t miss it. Go with the flow and wait to see where it takes you. It could be a pleasant surprise for you!

Money and Luck
Money and fortune do not come easily, and the setbacks you face are part of this phase of your Taurus economic development, and a way to help you learn in the process. Leave your fears behind and boldly apply the ideas that are occurring to you related to your finances and you will have great results. Taurus Luck Today

Today you will feel especially creative. Perhaps it implies a desire to write or speak, or it may be music. Books are of great value, especially those on esoteric subjects. You will learn some amazing facts and theories that can totally change the course of your mind. On a more mundane level, you will need to take some time off your project to manage finance-related papers. Let’s do it.

The natives undergo the harmful influence of the Sun on their professional life. Your boss is exercising his authority a little too much. On your back at all times, he takes pleasure in humiliating you in public. He never rewards you for your efforts, on the contrary. Your working life would be hell without the unwavering support of your closest colleagues. Without them, you would have left camp a long time ago. Unfortunately, the fire of his ambition will burn your wings for a long time to come.

Family and Friends
Don’t close the door to a heart-to-heart relationship with your friends. By listening to them attentively, you will solidify relationships of real friendship that it will do you great good to have in your moments of weakness. As a bonus, this is also an opportunity for you to assess and put your situation in perspective. It may be during one of these discussions, admittedly a little inconvenient at first, that you will realize a benefit in your life whose impact you did not realize before.

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