Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 9th July 2022

The irony of the situation will be at its height today. Often expect to be taken on the wrong foot on as diverse a subject as possible. No need to exasperate yourself, resign yourself and let this bad conjunction pass which will systematically cause all the constructions you develop to fail. Take it with humor, at least you will not be contradicted! It’s when everything is going well that you have to maintain your romantic relationships, don’t think that everything is yours: your partner is to be won back every day and that’s what makes life together!

Double check all your messages today. Someone will try to reach you with great difficulty and it would be a shame if you did not talk to each other. This mysterious person will carry important information for the immediate future or for later. Don’t ignore what she tells you, even if its relevance isn’t immediately apparent. Keep all this preciously in a corner of your head.

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Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 2nd August 2022

You’ll expand your negotiating skills, be more inventive than ever, and balance your fantasy. Your vitality encourages you to exaggerate, to excess. Forget the everyday and prefer the escape for today. You will make it impossible to doubt your good faith today. You will succeed by committing yourself and giving the best of yourself. It is by being spontaneous and authentic that you will have every chance of maintaining good exchanges. Jupiter and Saturn will overall protect your relationships with loved ones. But you must be wary of your desire to lead your life as you please without taking into account the needs of your loved ones. Your children, in particular, will need you, your presence and your advice.

Recognize that you sometimes err on the side of objectivity, and that you wish others were like you. Moreover, precisely, today this is not the case. It is your reason that speaks, better still, it is reason that speaks through you. All the more reason to listen to you because the judgments you are about to express will not take into account your personal feelings.

It’s a very beautiful day for all your relationships, an opportunity to meet new people or to maintain the various relationships you already have. In any case, a beautiful romantic or social evolution is in sight. As a couple: You spin the perfect love and you take advantage of it to develop details in a beautiful climate of peace and harmony… Don’t fall asleep on your achievements, feed the flame! Single: Heaven is very complicit with those who seek love. Go out, make yourself available and stay attentive to each meeting, to each exchange, the soul mate is perhaps at hand, to smile.

This impact of the good old Sun will prove to be all the more positive for your loves as it will form several harmonic configurations with other planets. Life as a couple will therefore be pleasant, your spouse bringing you tenderness and support. Single, you will absolutely not be able to do without a presence. You will almost consider getting married without love. Rejoice! Thanks to the beautiful appearance of Venus, you should have a decisive encounter today. Together, you will build plans for the future in record time. All my wishes will follow you!

Have fun, enjoy life today. You have good reason to be proud of what you have accomplished and of your life, share this joy with those around you. You can freely allow yourself to let go of the reins a little and rest for a while… You have worked to enjoy life and not just to make an effort!

If you don’t do it now, when will you do it? Spend time with your loved ones. Teamwork is encouraged. A professional or financial opportunity could arise through your connections, be it your friends, groups or social communities. Think about possible partners with whom to collaborate positively. Nothing is won yet, but your situation should start to improve. Of course, Saturn may bring you extra work or responsibilities, or even unforeseen disruptions. But Jupiter, well aspected, will prevent these hazards from taking too worrying proportions.

Money and Luck
Here is a wonderful day. You will see that you have all your assets in hand to obtain the hoped-for success. It is one of those days when luck and prosperity do not contravene discipline: an ideal situation for producing wealth. Everything you were preparing finally seems to come to fruition. This is a very favorable day for finance in the sense of the economy. But the influxes of Saturn will advise you not to speculate: you would lose funds that will come to the point later.

You will undoubtedly feel that a deeper harmony with yourself will integrate you more into your surroundings. On the financial level, you had asked yourself too many questions and reality proves it to you today. Your need for stability is in beneficial inflation. You are now ready to embark on the changes you want, your management is at the top!

The day promises to be favorable for the final settlement of old quarrels that may have disturbed your family or friendly relationships. Today, you will be able to demonstrate the authority necessary to silence others and impose a solution that is less negotiated than usual. The planets showing a benevolent neutrality towards you today, you will be able to indulge a little in gluttony. However, you would do well not to go too crazy on cakes and sweets: watch out for excess sugar in the blood, which is never good for your health!

This energy that animates you could also be put to good use in your professional environment. No one can step on your toes today! You orient your leisure time towards collective activities and you organize pleasant evenings outdoors. Your moments of relaxation are punctuated by good humor, music and friendly exchanges with family or friends. You are also motivated to organize an adventure stay.

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