Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 2nd May 2021

Check Taurus daily horoscope for Sunday, May 2nd, the prediction method is based on the position of the stars at the time of birth. Venus in transit makes you very exuberant. Do not exaggerate in your shopping invitations because the money you are saving to make an important and necessary purchase could disappear if you are not aware of acquiring only what you need and n the superfluous or accessory. Do it all, but wisely and wisely. There is a danger, Taurus, and it is that you are falling victim to your own memories and if you insist on continuing to live in the past you will not be able to enjoy the happiness that is knocking at your doors. A person you haven’t seen in a while will be trying to communicate with you during this second stage of your birthday cycle in May.

Discoveries will captivate your imagination so you will spend most of the day at home looking for information. You may not feel like doing anything else, but don’t forget to take a few breaks. You should not only keep your mind active but your body as well.taurus daily horoscope for today sunday may 2nd 2021

Your imagination will be your best asset to make yourself understood, without rushing anything around you! You are resolutely on the right end of the form, your energies stabilize, take the opportunity to get back to the sport. This Sunday, May 2nd, you leave room for improvisation and it works well. The day is going well, you are cheerful and it shows. You are overflowing with ideas for both your loved ones and yourself. It seems you like them, too. Get back to the sport, preferably outdoors! Running, walking, swimming, enough to take care of your physical shape but also your psychological shape! A brisk walk to your work?

With the effluvium of the Moon in your element, there will be an awakening of your emotions and possibly you are thinking a lot about someone absent, a person that you have not seen for a long time but that your sensitivity captures those energies similar to telepathic waves in your mind, you can even dream of her or with him.

Today you will have a cheerful and mischievous mood. You’ll be a bit groggy from laughing all day. You will have a great time with friends and family. Your sense of humor will inspire you to tell jokes, be careful, some will bring you problems! Don’t be too mean, even if you are tempted. You don’t want to upset your loved ones!

“If there is no solution, then there is no problem.” A native of the second decan, it is a bit like your current philosophy. You stubbornly refuse to see difficulties settle in your relationship, preferring to take refuge in a risky ostrich policy. Watch out, this nonchalant attitude infuriates your partner. Single, you show little interest in romantic encounters, immediately prioritizing your happy group of friends.

If you are beginning to suffer from insomnia, do not immediately resort to sleeping pills as it would be a temporary solution, and worse still, it could create bad habits. Try natural means to be able to fall asleep, and if they fail, consult your doctor. Check what you are doing during the day, you may have altered your rhythm of life.

Today you won’t be sailing into the sunset, but you can at least start making plans. It’s time to get intimate with your emotions. You will feel as if hopelessness has suddenly appeared in your joy. But sometimes it is important to limit yourself to learn the lessons of discipline and patience.

Small pleasures, big consequences. The influence of Saturn in your Heaven does not allow you any excess food today. In particular, avoid sugary temptations and products containing refined sugars. Our advice to reduce your sugar cravings? Increase your consumption of vegetables and whole grains (wheat, oats, spelled, rye, etc.). And if the craving is too strong, opt for a little honey rather than half a packet of candy or a chocolate eclair!

Work success is constant and whatever new obligations or duties you are involved in, you will be able to solve them satisfactorily. However, set aside time to take care of your family and partner and above all distract yourself and not let yourself be invaded by sad thoughts, Taurus.

You install different software in your head to win and just aim for relatively new and little-known investments. You think a little too much about the pleasures of life that obsess you but you know how to surpass yourself very well. Life has put you to the test and you have grown and matured … You will live the outcome of this long and hard stage during which you could not rest in any of your close relationships, whether they are emotional or professional.

There can be many changes in the air today. It can be difficult to define things recognizably. You will see that it will be difficult for you to sign contracts or conclude employment agreements. Before reaching a final agreement you will want to have more information on the subject. Be patient at the slower pace of things. Be open-minded and don’t make a judgment until you have more information.

Money and Luck
Pluto retrograde. Concentrate and pay attention to what you do since there is a certain tendency to dispersion which could cause problems if you do not organize yourself well early and put your affairs in order, aware at all times of your priorities and main needs.

Social events will take you much of today. Do not be surprised if you know more than one person who is in the academic field, or who comes from afar or both. Expect lots of fascinating talks! You will also spend a little time running, biking, or exercising in the company of a friend since fitness is of interest to you these days. Take care not to overdo it and enjoy it.

Nothing worse than to stay on the record of failure. You had all the qualities to apply for this vacant position. Life has decided otherwise. The fall was so brutal that no one could have expected it. After the time for questioning comes the stage of resignation and then of reconciliation. Initiated by the arrival of Jupiter in your sign, these steps push you to quickly find solutions. Believe us, the best antidote is you.

Family and Friends
The richness of life does not come from the quantity of its circle of friends, but rather from its quality. Indeed, during times that are difficult to manage independently, your die-hards will give of their time to help you face the ups and downs of this negative period. When going up the slope, always keep in mind the names of those who provided you with the necessary equipment (patience, gentleness, empathy). It’s your turn, do not hesitate for a second to return the elevator to them if necessary.

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