Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 5th August 2018

Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 5th August 2018

Do not worry about the retrograde transit of Uranus recently occurred because this type of movement is the main thing that slows down certain procedures, which in turn, if you look at it from the positive side, it is convenient because it helps you to reflect before acting and Do not impulsively launch yourself to the first thing that comes up, either emotionally or economically.

In the middle of everything, however, you will notice that you initiate a phase in which you leave aside your daily worries and give yourself over to what is really worth concentrating energies and efforts. A very interesting period.taurus daily horoscope sunday 5th august 2018

Due to the planetary aspects existing on this day you must be very careful when telling your partner something that could be taken as a lack of sensitivity on your part. Do not let the retrograde influences entangle your tongue.

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Are you hypertensive? This is the time to take your blood pressure and check that everything is going as it should if you have recently suffered from imbalances in that sense. Take care of your weight, exercise and feed rationally in this astral period.

It is possible that some minor obstacles may arise that will slow you down a bit in your work, but you should continue with your enthusiasm because it is the only way to achieve positive results. Maybe you’re on a difficult day, but you’ll get over it.

Money and Luck
Prudence and vigilance, Taurus. Take care of your money if you are going to get cash at an ATM after the afternoon or at night to avoid dangerous situations. If you notice something suspicious you do not go to the place, it is better to prevent these days.