Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 11th March 2021

This is the Daily Horoscope prediction for the Taurus zodiac sign for Thursday, March 11th, 2021. Today Thursday Venus is in conjunction with Uranus and this energy multiplies creating a wonderful platform so that you can quickly solve what until now you thought you were not going to be able to solve. This is a period of maturity in everything you are doing, Taurus. If now you realize that you made a mistake in your emotional relationships, apologies to the injured person. Do not be taking old things, it does not suit you. Turn a blind eye, look at the present with optimism and everything will be resolved.

The position of the planets today could end a somewhat gray period in your love and creative life? If you have not yet found your better half, this time seems promising. You are going to have fun and meet interesting people who could change your life!taurus daily horoscope for today thursday march 11th 2021

Today avoid being tense. You can relax because love and work will work very well for you if you act correctly. Start to see the positive things life has to offer. You have to be sure that you do the right thing at all times. In the workplace, do not leave things by halves. Even if something slows you down, try to finish what you have in hand. And pay attention to details that you now overlook because the opportunities to progress are usually not announced with fanfare, you have to detect the signs. Now you are in a stage of changes and personal transformation that will benefit you a lot in the not too distant future. If you want to change some aspects of your life, start today.

Today’s Taurus Daily Horoscope Predictions of Love, Health, Work, Money, and Luck

There is a sextile of your ruler Venus with the North Node which is great because it fuels the inner spark you need to bring out a relationship. When this happens you don’t like to give in and agree with other people, but at the same time, you can be fair and reasonable when you propose.

You seem to share the bitter observation of the Bible, star of the song in the 80s: “I still love him, but not really …” You miss the passion, you regret having exchanged fireworks for a gentle wood fire. The presence of the moon in your sky shows, however, that your partner will skillfully convert you to the virtues of lasting and sincere love. Single of the third decan, you are more inclined to sing.

If it is difficult for you to focus your attention on work today, do not despair. It is likely a temporary situation. Your thoughts (and your heart) are at home with your family or partner. You will find it difficult to resist the constant temptation to pick up the phone and talk to your loved ones. Face the day calmly. Do what you can. Tomorrow you can have everything under control.

Neglecting your health can make you vulnerable to minor throat infections and have voice problems. Remember that your Taurus sign governs the neck and vocal cords, avoid going out in the open without adequate protection.

You are caring by nature, and sometimes you look the other way when something in your personal relationship bothers you. Sometimes, though, it pays to be honest with that special someone. Our better half is on our way to teach us how to be totally us. Even when we are upset or worried about something, our better half needs to know. So today do not be ashamed to express yourself. You will feel better if you do.

You are not to be taken with a grain of salt. Your eruptive nature ruled by the bellicose planet Mars makes you prone to all mood swings. You may be in good health, but you are strangling yourself with rage. For you the sentence will be rather lenient: a good massage, an afternoon in a hammam, or a jacuzzi would be beneficial to you. Indulge yourself in those little pleasures that you are used to having lofty. Their beneficial effects might surprise and even get you excited.

The conjunction of Venus, your ruler, with Uranus, a formidable aspect. Take advantage of this good energy to carry out those stagnant plans and put your capacity to work fully. Jobs related to home, family, and home-based businesses are very well sponsored this Thursday that the nine vibrations prevail that helps you finish what does not suit you.

Today you are unstoppable. But just because you’re unstoppable doesn’t mean you can’t stop. You’re in a rush to finish your tasks, but even long-distance runners place importance on refueling. Take a break for lunch or a walk in the garden. Hobbies like this will invigorate you for a productive work afternoon as the morning has been.

Money and Luck
Everything can happen this day of the vibration of the nine and a couple of very defining aspects with your ruler Venus and the Nodes. You will be presented with important opportunities to demonstrate your knowledge and talent in a new company in which people with your experience are needed. A job break will help you and produce an increase in your income. Taurus Luck Today

Creativity and artistic feelings are likely to flood you today. You may have the opportunity to earn some money with your creative talents, which can be very exciting. Whatever you do today, you are likely to do it fast and well and those around you will rejoice. If you want to request a loan, today is the day for it, although there may be a delay in the management.

Fatigue will be your worst enemy when it comes to working. You run the risk of not meeting your deadlines and falling behind. Get moving, stretch your legs as soon as you have the chance. Also, a few vitamins or food supplements should help keep Morpheus at bay without overwhelming you like coffee. Especially if you are on staggered schedules, you should not neglect your restful sleep. In the end, you will quickly regain your natural liveliness.

Family and Friends
You would beat mountains! You have fun making stories, creating intrigues, sowing a bit of discord here and there, all while displaying a loyal and good-natured smile. Gemini Ascendant, you must learn to combat this tendency to clap. You are never far from gossiping, never far from reporting and even inventing them. Your thirst for animation and your fear of boredom push you to the worst turpitudes. Be careful because your entourage is not always fooled by your shenanigans

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