Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 13th September 2018

Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 13th September 2018

The Moon moves from Gemini to Cancer in the fourth quarter phase. What happens is unpredictable. You are in the middle of an intense stage of love in which everything is possible, even the most complicated or difficult things. This Thursday a door opens in your memory and you evoke something of the past that made you very happy.

There is an excellent planetary aspect that qualifies your day with a cheerful and happy tone in which you will forget everything that in the past caused you difficulties and problems, worries or fears. Life is smiling and you should smile at it in response because as I have told you on other occasions it is like a mirror, it gives back what we showed you.taurus daily horoscope today thursday 13th september 2018

You are learning more every day the lesson of life. If something is over, let it go, and you will be free to know what is best for you. Happy days are augured next to who has the peculiarity of making you vibrate intensely in everything. Live intensely every minute with who really is worth it, Taurus.

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Be careful, Taurus! Do not incorporate into your body unknown substances recommended by friends whose illnesses are similar to yours. Always consult your doctor. Do not trust charlatans or improvisers

There are good omens and a very positive labor movement for you. Do not get impatient because your moment of success will soon come, and when everything seems confusing and inaccurate you will be enjoying that position to which you are creditor on your own merits.

Money and Luck
Take advantage of all the opportunities that arise and do not allow a distraction caused by a negative comment to take you away from the goals you have set for yourself. Money waits for you, but you must do your part to have it in your hands.