Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 14th December 2017

Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 14th December 2017

Take advantage of the planetary influence that this Thursday is enveloping your Taurus sign with the direct transit of your Regent, Venus, and the Moon in a sign very compatible with yours. Maybe you’re thinking about something that could compromise your current happiness or your life as a couple. Do not let yourself be dragged into a crazy passion or be disturbed by rumors that you hear because people always tend to exaggerate everything and get things out of proportion. There are trips, changes, changes, something that will place you in a new sentimental and work direction, even putting you in front of old friends again. The transit of the Moon brings nostalgia, sighs, and memories.

This Thursday, December 14, you will go to the essential, positive unusual opportunities will come to you. But you will be too intransigent, hard with others, you must find a point of balance between action and rest, reflection and relaxation. Minor annoyances, added to each other, make you lose the north … Stay firmly tied to your goal. You will succeed in catching up with a blunder which weighs on you, reconciliations are favored. In the coming days, you may encounter an activity opportunity, especially if you are in an environment or luxury sector. This is a good start that could allow you to bounce back and gain an experience of opening doors. The moon allows you to convince and seduce.taurus daily horoscope 14th december 2017

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Taurus Love Horoscope for Today
The other planets are direct. A loving gesture, a kiss, and a caress will fix any kind of uncomfortable situation that could have arisen between the two. It is time to open yourself to the new experiences that are occurring in your life and to avoid or overcome what could have caused difficulties in the recent past. Do not keep hurting. When you keep bad things in your heart your life can become a real battlefield. Solve your feelings and be happy.

Taurus Health Horoscope for Today
Your Taurus sign is in this period very vulnerable to contagion due to carelessness. Address your romance life because you are prone to get infections through these routes if you do not take proper care of yourself. Everything can be fixed when there is caution. Your mind needs an escape. Thinking about problems is no longer a solution. Procure an activity that makes you free the mind and control those impulses you are having. You are a little too sedentary, you need to ventilate and exercise. Violent sports are not in your strings, but you can free up moments to walk, or to do soft gym. You will immediately feel better in your body.

Taurus Work Horoscope for Today
Do not underestimate the creative ideas that are coming to you since they may seem crazy, but deep down they contain a great possibility of work development. Sometimes a taste, a hobby or a pastime become activities that yield money and satisfaction, Taurus. Problems may arise in the professional field. You may face a dismissal or be put on a task you do not like. Always keep your horizons open. Changes are coming into your professional world. The dialogue is all right, you will launch a dynamic that will prove fruitful.

Taurus Money and Luck Horoscope for Today
You are on a good path to increase your income although initially, you may be in a somewhat off-center tone and with little concentration. It is important that you feel calm and take out your accounts and calculations so as not to complicate yourself unnecessarily in what you have to solve. A dream brings you closer to money. There will be a lot of reflection in the background, you will not have the opportunity to step back, there are emergencies to manage. You must make a small business trip for a family reason. At first glance, it is not jubilant, yet you will come back enriched with new knowledge. You will not regret the trip, and you sublimate this new experience.