Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 1st April 2021

Check Taurus daily horoscope for Thursday, April 1st, the prediction method is based on the position of the stars at the time of birth. This end of the month presents a new perspective in your life. Certain doubts that kept you restless are resolved and you are again in control of your love life with more confidence in yourself and your partner, the past is history. The extra time that you invest in an organizational work activity on Thursday will yield magnificent results next week. A tendency to waste can put you in debt in this cycle. Remember that companies flood you with offers, but you must buy according to your common sense, Taurus. Remove thoughts of nostalgia that are spoiling your current relationship. It is not a day to remember sad things or unhappy past events.

Today you could receive information on television, radio, or the Internet that will make you rethink your values and question some concepts that until now you took for granted. You may have to think a lot about the matter? and that you sadden a little. Despite everything, the air is full of illusion and the sense of embarking on a new adventure. Don’t cling to the shore – go with the flow.taurus daily horoscope for today thursday april 1st 2021

Your thoughts will fly high today towards distant or very large goals. Some will think about their businesses and others will aspire to expand their universe. It will be a great time to start studying a difficult subject or engage in a tough task. Don’t worry too much about things you can’t do anything about, you’re ready to make the most of life. Breathe deeply, it will help you find the calm you need. Your love life will bring you many satisfactions and will be at the height of your actions.

Taurus Daily Horoscope of Love, Health, Work, Money and Family for 1st April 2021

You are going to get out of an embarrassing emotional situation very well and regain lost love. A concern dissipates and you begin to consider the possibility of having a more serious and intimate relationship with someone who shares your same interests.

The astral conjuncture places you under the thumb of Pluto. Your fertile imagination makes you fear the worst. You constantly imagine the other packing up and abandoning yourself to your sad fate. This uncontrollable fear tends to make a leech out of you. A very touching leech, but a leech nonetheless. Let the other breath, he needs it and your love for the rest is not threatened. Single, you are struggling to renew yourself. Your legendary flirting “technique” does not seem to bear fruit, consider changing it.

It seems as if all your co-workers have taken steroids. The pace of activity in the office is extraordinary, and you will find it difficult to keep up. Do not even try. The old saying, “Dress me slowly I’m in a hurry,” can surely be applied in this situation. He continues to work at his own steady pace. At the end of the day, it will be evident that you have produced better quality work than anyone else.

To the extent that you propose to do things at the time, you will be able to do it. The important thing for your health during this astral cycle is to maintain a life routine that helps you avoid stress as much as possible.

The action of the planet Venus could have some negative effects on your health. Do you suffer from kidney disease? If so, you should make sure to hydrate more regularly. Buy a 1.5-liter bottle of water a day and force yourself to drink it. If you feel bored with exercising, opt for cranberry juice, tea, or broths. In addition to facilitating the proper functioning of your kidneys, this better hydration will have the art of embellishing your face: your features will be less marked and your cheeks plumped.

Instead of complaining about how tired you feel, today you will want to use this fatigue for physical activity. Getting outside works wonders with concentration. If you live in the city, how about taking a short walk for your lunch break? Or phone up your friends and arrange to do some kind of activity together, whether it’s indoors or out at night. If your lifestyle is fairly sedentary, as it is for most people, try climbing stairs instead of using the elevator, or riding a bike if you can. Any activity other than sitting will channel your energies.

It is not really one of the best work stages due to the existing circumstances that we cannot deny, but on the other hand, within your Taurus sign, there are very good possibilities of greatly improving your situation from the second quarter of the year that will begin tomorrow.

Try not to get caught up in today’s frenetic pace. There may be some energy that prevents you from concentrating on floating in the environment. You will see that you are interrupted very frequently by phone calls and visitors. It can be challenging to be able to focus on just one thing at a time. But don’t let a major work project go bust. Make room for some private endeavors. Close your office door if necessary!

Money and Luck
You continue to move upward within your economic line and you feel more confident of your potential to increase your economy. Little by little you will notice how the situation that at the moment was worrying you is improving. Taurus Luck Today

Some pretty intense and strange dreams might inspire you to embark on some in-depth study on a topic that interests you. It may have to do with the arts, philosophy, or metaphysics. As a result, travel plans to one of the most important spiritual centers in the world may haunt your mind. Your level of intuition today is very high, so whatever you dream of, pay attention to it. It may be what you need!

In the professional field, the day will start quietly but will end on a rather unpleasant note for the natives of the sign: conflict with a colleague, incident which occurs a few minutes before leaving the office, a technical problem which makes you waste time … It will probably only be a slight setback, but it will be enough to give you the drone. You will have to make sure to leave it aside when leaving work at the risk of having a bad evening.

Family and Friends
Saturn in your sky puts you on the path to wisdom. Your receptive and tolerant nature makes you each other’s privileged confidant. In the secret of the gods, you are not taking advantage of the situation. You wouldn’t want to betray the trust of your loved ones for anything in the world. You want to live up to your mission and take your role as confessor and counselor very seriously. With you, the secrets are well kept and will remain so.

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