Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 1st August 2019

The energy that is now enveloping you with the direct transit of your ruler, Venus, you must make the most of to carry out your projects and not continue postponing your urgent matters. A love escape to a place that the two have never visited will be an ideal stimulant of your sentimental life.

By breaking the routine you will revitalize your relationship and at the same time deepen ties with the loved one. There are certain situations that will impart a dynamic touch within your working life, particularly if you are self-employed.

The natives of your telluric sign, that is, of the earth element, are at the moment of important sentimental decisions. You may have recently completed a commitment and now you are channeling your energy and channeling it in the proper sense, thus initiating a new relationship that will be promising and will place you in that person’s heart.

Magnificent current planetary transit for your health. Take advantage of the life you enjoy now and give yourself something fun and healthy like an outdoor bike ride, a walk, something that helps you feel young and strong all the time.

The cosmic incidents that surround your Taurus sign in this astral period will place you in extremely fortunate situations in your work that will help you to excel in your position and to receive deserve from your superiors and companions.

Money and Luck
Analyze the most appropriate way to invest your money because now you will have business options in front of you and different possibilities to achieve prosperity and abundance, but before borrowing in a new expense, review your budget.


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