Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 20th August 2020

Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 20th August 2020

The influence of Venus, your ruler, in transit through the fire element in conjunction with the planet Mars, which today is in transit to your element and also united with the Sun is acting as a great teacher whose lessons, if you take advantage of them well, will help you to have an excellent week.

A disappointment does not hurt anymore and from now on it is as if you have opened a new chapter in your life where everything flourishes, is renewed and vibrates with new passions and hopes. From the next planetary cycle to the earth element that begins in a few days, you will be amazed at the way you react to the different sentimental scenarios that will be presented, you have learned a lot and you will know how to apply it.taurus daily horoscope 20th august 2020

Taurus, today will be a good day, perhaps a little better than the previous days, since today the cosmos will donate many presents. You must take advantage of them well if you do, you could become the richest person in the world. And not exactly talking about money, they are very good things for your life, this year it is important to give a good face to the new possibilities, a wave of optimism is about to come to your life, you may achieve a dream that you have had for several years. You must stay with good vibes until you consume that dream.

Taurus Love Today 20th August 2020

With the conjunction of Venus and Mars this Thursday your emotional problems begin to be resolved and those sentimental concerns are now in the past. There is a happy reunion that will flood you with joy for the rest of the week. Enjoy it, life is made of those little moments that, if lived intensely, are prolonged and leave us a permanent memory that is never extinguished.

Today the stars warn you to be very careful with that person since it is likely that he hides certain things about his love life. Well, situations may arise for which you are not mentally prepared. The best thing to do right now is to look elsewhere for love. It is evident that your mood is not going well, this is due to an argument you have recently had or because of the loss of a loved one, do not be discouraged. The worst thing you can do right now is to be alone, as this will only make you feel worse. Talk to someone and tell them how you feel.

You will benefit from the beneficial influence of Venus which arrives in your astral sky and promotes a climate conducive to reconciliation. People in a relationship might want to organize a romantic evening. If you have kids, it might be a good idea to hire a babysitter to have a romantic dinner with your loved one. Singles will also enjoy these beneficial auspices and might have a meeting that will not leave them indifferent.

Taurus Health Today 20th August 2020

Venus, your ruler, is in conjunction with the Sun and also with Mars, directly, a very favorable combination for you because it neutralizes the retrograde transit of Uranus through your sign. You will be able to carry out your health plans even if you have had some setbacks. You may be somewhat disappointed if you can’t lose weight or finish what you started. Don’t be discouraged, persist.

Your health at the moment is at the maximum point of satisfaction, you have excellent health. Don’t worry, it’s a good time to decide to go swimming, practice a sport. Get moving to avoid wasting your health on sleeping. It is a good day to go out and do new things. Remember to drink lots of water.

With a little meditation, you will be able to ensure a good health day. If you are Sagittarius ascendant, your warm blood may quickly jumpstart you in the face of annoyances. Resolve to actively do psychological work on yourself during these times. For example, choose a mantra for the day. It may seem like a trivial detail to you, but you will notice a real difference in your day, and the long run, in your daily life.

Taurus Work Today 20th August 2020

Under the effects of the impulsive Moon and retrograde Uranus, anything can happen. A co-worker acts irresponsibly in your job and this could get you out of your box. Exercise patience and above all do not pay attention to it because you would be diverting your energy from what you are interested in doing and it would harm you.

Good news, today the invitation to a business that will be very profitable for you is likely to knock on your door. You must take this situation with caution and patience since the future of that business will depend on many important decisions. It’s the perfect time to kick start your creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

Taurus Money and Luck Today 20th August 2020

Very interesting possibilities open up on your economic horizon and someone who until now had not interested you from a financial point of view begins to emerge in your life as an opportunity for development and a herald of prosperity. Taurus Luck Today

It is time to put everything in order, by this I mean the expenses in your house. Try not to spend on things that you are not going to occupy at all and that in the end will end up lying in a corner of your house. A the tip of the day, you can safely bet on games that have to do with bets or raffles. The cosmic energies present in your horoscope bring you closer to the desired economic development despite not seeing immediate results. A little patience, the results are closer than you think, calm down because the money will arrive very soon.

The lucky star of success hangs over your professional career. If you are currently looking for work, you are on a good day applying for vacancies. To have the chance to get your hands on a golden opportunity, put the odds in your favor by redoubling your determination in your research. If you already have a job, make use of all the cords in your bow to ensure the success of your projects: you will surely have the opportunity to expand your client portfolio or hit big by closing a good deal.

Taurus Family and Friends Today 20th August 2020

The presence of Mercury in your sky excites in you a tendency already known to all: you are curious. Of course, your tendency to question others has its good sides and shows your interest in those around you. Nevertheless, your insistence on wanting to know everything makes you come across as a rogue and sometimes even a scavenger. The misfortune of others reassures you, but that doesn’t prevent you from showing sincere compassion when someone close to you is in pain. Maybe learn how to cultivate your garden.

Nothing important to report in the family sector. Your relationships with those close to you shouldn’t be a problem. Be careful, however, if there is a disagreement between you and your parents or other relatives, not to aggravate the situation by being brittle and demanding.

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