Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 20th September 2018

Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 20th September 2018

Something you should not forget, Taurus, is that it is you, with your attitude towards life that determines the results, it is the universal law of Karma, of cause and effect. If you have a bitter, plaintive and negative position of what is happening, then the people who are going to approach you will also share those points of view and instead of attracting positive, beautiful and energetic people who encourage and excite you, they approach you faint-hearted and negative people who, far from helping you, harm you.

Happily you, with the tenderness and sensuality that characterizes you will know how to delimit spaces and stay with those who really are worth it, shaking sadness and attracting the best in your life. You are very clear mentally in this cycle of the new moon.

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How happy you will feel to know that your love concerns were unfounded! Certainly if you have been restless doubting the fidelity of your partner now you feel strengthened and happy to know that everything was an idea.

A day when they improve health problems associated with the gallbladder, liver and digestive tract in general. You are in a good stage of recovery especially if you plan to undergo an operation or surgery. Intense cycles are coming and little by little you will recover what you thought you had lost.

Keep a discreet tone in everything you’re doing, Taurus. Do not discuss politics or religion in your job because you would have problems. Avoid confrontations and everything will be fine during these days.

Money and Luck
The money comes to you through third parties for a new business. Maybe it’s your spouse, children, parents or siblings. A family inheritance increases your economic level and the solution of a lawsuit or legal issue increases your welfare.