Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 28th January 2021

Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 28th January 2021

This initial cycle of the lunar new year that you are now experiencing demands a lot of sensitivity from you and above all to balance your emotional balance when reacting to new circumstances that arise. The important thing is that you put feelings on one pan of the scale, and on the other, your practical things. In other words, act with your heart, and think with your head so that your reactions are measured, intelligent, correct, and without precipitation that does not lead to anything positive.

Right now you may be a bit hypersensitive. The energy of other people will disturb you. Perhaps you will take some very personal criticism. Or perhaps the intense emotions of your colleagues will overwhelm you. Today try to make time to have a private moment for yourself. You’re going to want to disconnect from all the noise and commotion. Listen to slow music with your headphones so you can distract yourself.taurus daily horoscope 28th january 2021

It is a time of analysis and observation. If you are without a partner and looking for a stable relationship, do not let yourself be enveloped by negative feelings and open your heart to love, without reservations, with the sensitivity that characterizes your Taurus sign of the earth element, especially now that you have your ruler in the intuitive Pisces sign.

The weight of too many responsibilities, perhaps related to family, work, or a membership group, will be permanently on your head today. You will feel like Atlas, carrying the world on your shoulders! And you are tired. You should re-evaluate your commitments. Your innate kindness makes you take care of everything. It complies with those already contracted, but think twice before taking new ones. After all, you are important too.

Your competitive spirit cannot fade even in front of the chosen one of your heart. You can’t help but pit yourself against others, taking umbrage at their successes instead of rejoicing in them. The presence of Mars in your sky indicates that you might be showing aggression, dominated by an impossible thirst for the podium. Single, you favor partners whom you think you can master. A domineering attitude which will have the consequence of scaring away a proud Sagittarius.

If you feel affected by your health because of a bad habit, do not let it continue to spoil your life. This is the right time to propose to eliminate it in the bud and start a new life.

You will change your mind about a romantic relationship. If you have started a relationship with someone, you will question their compatibility. Even though you may care about this person, you will be worried about the things they don’t share. If they have very different hobbies, conflicting family backgrounds, or contrasting work goals, you need to approach it with practicality. Chat it up with her, and see if you can find solutions.

You are sick, perfectly sick, like when your mother went out at night and left you alone with your despair. Loss of appetite, emotivity, untimely redness, Venus hits you right in the heart, you are in love. Don’t run to the doctor to complain about your condition, he won’t be able to help you. Do like everyone else: writes sweet words, play sad tunes on the guitar, look out the window, and wait for it to pass.

Work and money move in unison and there are good prospects related to foreign travel and buying and selling businesses. Go preparing your bags, soon you or a close member of the family will be moving making arrangements outside your city.

If it is true that sometimes performing monotonous or repetitive tasks poses a great problem, today you will have to face a particular force, a heavy task will demand your attention and you will not be able to escape. If you organize yourself, you can finish sooner than you think. Do not think about how long it will take. If you concentrate and focus on your abilities, you will finish successfully and in record time!

Money and Luck
If you have just received a bank loan, a new credit card, or money, it is not your best day to invest it because with the Moon in the fire element you tend to act impulsively, but if you already have it arranged, concretely do everything, with papers and documents, without relying excessively on the word of others, particularly if you do not know them well. Taurus Luck Today

Think of yourself as a marathon runner. You have a long distance to go, but it will not only be pleasant to cross the finish line but the excitement of what there is to see along the way. While your head is full of plans and ideas, you will begin to deflate when you consider all the logistics of understanding that this implies. Don’t worry, my dear. The planets have blessed you with task-like energy, so go ahead and get ready!

The natives in the post who have a long career behind them come out more mature. You are completing a long-term job that required an unwavering commitment on your part. The ordeal you have just gone through has built the exemplary professional that you have become. You receive gratitude from your colleagues and friends. You finally find your family that you have seen little lately. You now deserve some peace. Can you resist the temptation to return to the arena?

Family and Friends
Your good education makes you want to do too well. In your eyes, entertaining friends means bringing out the silverware, serving a grand cru and dishes worthy of a starred restaurant. Your friends don’t expect so much, try to be simpler and learn the joys of an improvised aperitif around peanuts and sparkling wine! Mercury will be of good advice to help you free yourself from your educational shackles. Less formal manners are sure to charm your guests.

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