Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 29th October 2020

Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 29th October 2020

Venus, your ruler, is directly making a good aspect of conjunction with Mercury, but do not trust it because as you have Uranus retrograde in your sign, you must be very careful not to commit recklessness. From now on and during these next few days of November, while your opposite sign is ruling, which is Scorpio, many situations will happen that can get you crazy and therefore do not anticipate events remember that in this period of time he usually talks about what he is and what he is not, so a concrete action is required on your part to avoid making mistakes that you would later regret, the prospects are good, but it is in your hands to take advantage of them.

The stars indicate that today you could receive several letters or phone calls. You can receive fascinating scientific information on a topic that interests you; It will spur your curiosity and you could see yourself hanging around bookstores and libraries or seeing friends who know the subject. The telephone and the Internet will provide you invaluable help.taurus daily horoscope 29th october 2020

This astral cycle is a period of learning, Taurus. Always keep in mind that happiness consists more in your attitude than in the circumstances that surround you. Something that until some time ago bothered you a lot in your partner, today it becomes grace and you rediscover what made you fall in love with her, or with him. As you can see, the incidences of Mercury retrograde are not as serious as I thought.

Today, you are going to send an overwhelming amount of love and passion to a current or potential partner. Your friend may feel a bit puzzled, but they will probably be flattered and therefore will respond positively. It won’t have the potential to become a committed relationship, so you shouldn’t be under your hopes. Just try to get to know each other, see where the bond takes you, and let yourself go.

You are living in great love and no one can reach you. Thanks to the planet Venus, your couple is protected from storms and other torments. You know how to take the necessary time for your spouse and he does the same with a lot of enthusiasm. Relationships like yours are rare, make the most of them. If you are single, you will have a positive encounter. Your innate charm leaves no one indifferent. Leave your shyness aside to let yourself be carried away by the beautiful story that lies ahead.

A relaxed, relaxed, and optimistic attitude is what you need most at this time to improve your health and attract the good planetary vibrations to you. There is a positive index in your life if you suffer from digestive disorders because the transit of Venus in trine with the planetoid Chiron is excellent.

Your romantic life will be on your mind today. You will be anxious for the workday to end so you can go spend time with your crush. Or maybe you are thinking about how to ask someone to dance. You will definitely be in a cozy and intimate mood with someone tonight, so plan accordingly! It will be a great night to connect with a special person.

Your health will deteriorate when you are at rest. If you are subjected to stressful situations during the day, consider decompressing as you go. As soon as possible elsewhere. Indeed, if you hold onto these bad vibrations until nightfall, there is a good chance that you will have a painful night. Nightmares, insomnia, the stress you have accumulated could come to haunt you in various forms. However, in these conditions of anxiety, a restful night’s sleep will be the best weapon to face tomorrow.

You will be very busy doing something different from what you usually do and this, far from worrying, should serve as a stimulus or motivation for you to apply new work techniques and break the work routine by increasing your initiative in this cycle of retrograde planets.

If you crossed the line last night, today you will pay the price. If your head explodes and your blood feels like molasses, remember that everything in excess, no matter how good, has its consequences! As much as you want to get out of bed to attend to your business, it is useless. Spend the morning in bed and take the opportunity to rest. You will see that in the afternoon you will feel in top shape. Work can wait.

Money and Luck
The transit of Venus through your opposite sign energizes you in the labor sector and soon you will begin to have in your hands that money that you thought you were not going to be able to recover. There is a productive tone approaching your life, Taurus. Taurus Luck Today

Today you will come out with a new business strategy. Perhaps you grew accustomed to handling things in a certain way. Even if your habits are productive, you may not be generating the profit you would like for your company. Today you must open your mind to new ways of doing business. You can envision a new marketing or sales technique that will start to attract a lot of money!

Several challenges are heading towards you at the professional level. If you have subordinates under your responsibility, you may need to take on the role of “bad cop”. Conversely, those who work under the supervision of a superior will be under some pressure. Rest assured, these somewhat difficult times will help bring great results and great performance. As for the potential tensions, they will be quickly forgotten when the time comes to celebrate your success.

Family and Friends
It is time for you to say what has been on your heart for so long. The alignment of the planets is ideal for setting up long-term projects. The auspices of Mars indeed induce a climate conducive to taking initiatives. Your family will be happy to be associated with this dynamic and will know how to be by your side to support you on this path. Do not hesitate to surround yourself with those who love you to give you the means for your ambition, you may be surprised at the results obtained.

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