Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 3rd December 2020

Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 3rd December 2020

The influence of the Jupiter transit that occurred yesterday towards a sign of your same element will help you to persevere in what you are doing now, Taurus. Continue on the path you have undertaken and in matters of love, do not take a step back, life goes on and you must go with it! Sentimental rewards are awaiting you. However, it is necessary that you do not anticipate events but rather assume a waiting period before making drastic decisions that have to do with ending or starting a relationship, bringing a pet home, or changing jobs, moving, or similar resolutions. Today Thursday, as we are in cycle nine, you will want to finish many things, do not rush. Do not miss the special moment that you could live with a person who has suddenly appeared in your life, it was not something planned, you only met him least expectedly and today he will make you an invitation.

You are sensitive by nature, but today you will be even more so. You will relate better with others because you will know what they want before they tell you. You think a lot about spiritual matters, and you will be greatly interested in books or magazines on this subject. A call from a distant place will also give you food for thought. Exchange your deepest beliefs and try to come up with new revelations! Do not look for the things that you cannot achieve now to use them as an excuse and not be able to have true control with what you live or are about to live, if we make excuses to live we will not realize what is essential for us.taurus daily horoscope 3rd december 2020

Your ruler Venus is today at 60 degrees from the Moon in a wonderful planetarium sextile. There is a refreshing touch within your sentimental reality that projects you into new dimensions and helps you better understand your existential reality. You will be recovering something that you once had, but gave up as lost. Everything is transformed now during these next final days of the year.

Today you may have to mediate a dispute, and you may be caught between two fires if you are not careful. If this happens, the best thing you can do is step aside. When you are in that position, particularly between two people you appreciate, someone always gets hurt, and it can be you. Tell them that you love them too much to intervene, you will probably come out better off.

Venus does not seem to align with your daily life. To find love, you force yourself to go out and party a lot. What if these activities don’t suit you in the least? You don’t have to look trendy to be attractive. Listen to yourself more and the planets will know how to reward you. For natives as a couple, you will want freedom. Go ahead, if you are not afraid of jeopardizing your love and harming your partner. Otherwise, you risk paying dearly for your adventure.

Today Thursday, as a result of a square of Chiron the healer with your ruler Venus you tend to be somewhat restless. Don’t be overwhelmed by a health issue, Taurus. If your clinical problem requires medical attention, avoid improvisations, be guided by your intuition that is now accentuated, and act intelligently by doing what is indicated and without being carried away by charlatans.

On the health side, if you have a few pounds to lose and you plan to start a diet, it must be done under suitable conditions. Do not rush. With a little organization, you will have reached your ideal weight before summer. For example, winter should be avoided, a sudden change in diet during low temperatures can adversely affect your metabolism. Likewise, if you are in a period of high activity, you will need all the energy reserves that your diet provides.

Today you will find yourself in a meditative mood. You may want to write your thoughts in a journal. Or you may feel the need to discuss things with a good friend or professional counselor. You will be able to solve some things, and thus you will experience great peace. It is a great day to rid yourself of old anxieties and give way to calmer and happier feelings. You will soon feel lighter and more relaxed.

Under the action of the sextile of Venus with Mars, at this beginning of the week, you feel the desire to make innovations in your working life. Now you have the mental clarity to start any type of study of improvement that helps you in your job.

It is a good time to receive support from others. Perhaps you have a career goal that you are working towards. Perhaps you have been balancing courses in college with work. Or maybe you are doing an activity on the sidelines to earn some more money. With all these challenges you could feel quite isolated. Reach out to a friend or two and let their positive comments boost your energy.

Money and Luck
You will have to make adjustments and tighten your belt so as not to incur unnecessary expenses, but with that saving attitude, you will achieve a lot. Fortunately, your Taurus sign knows how to manage resources well when it comes time for economic decisions, something you should do intelligently during this final season of 2019. Taurus Luck Today

Adopt a new attitude towards life and realize that things change no matter how much you want to stay in the current situation. People may seem restless and headstrong to you. Be careful not to participate in gossip. A voice may come to you from the past telling you to open up to their way of thinking.

Under the prolific influences of Mars, the planet of endurance, you will be in rare form and as a bonus, your entrepreneurial spirit will shine brightly. In the office or at home, your productivity gauge will be pumped up. Respond to 45 pending emails, clean up your files, endless hell’s PowerPoint presentation? Not even afraid! Task after task, you will be doing work like there’s no tomorrow. Be careful all the same to overwork. There is only one step between relentlessness and burn-out!

Family and Friends
Beware of gossip about yourself. Even if you find it hard to believe, a rumor may well be spreading through your account. Did you think you had no enemies? A malicious person, however, circulated false information. Your friends are starting to believe it, the news travels really fast. If your family finds out, they may be upset. Quickly defuse the situation and explain yourself with your crow. We probably have a lot of resentment and resentment towards each other.

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