Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 17th November 2020

Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 17th November 2020

The double energy of the Moon combined with the direct motion of Venus presents in front of you the opportunity to make a decision that will change everything, Taurus. You finish what was bothering you and you steer yourself in a new direction within your love life. You must analyze well what you plan to do because if you are alone, or alone, looking for a partner, and you jump into the first thing that arises in your life, you could incur both financial and emotional errors. You are going to put an end to a certain situation that prevented you from carrying out your affairs.

Live your creative fantasies today, but beware of the guardian of reality on the border. Perhaps you have a conflict with a stubborn person or with a part of your life that is not very well planned. Analyze things before acting. Otherwise, you could find yourself lost in this dream world with no way out that allows you to return. Focus on the positives of the situation and everything will work out!taurus daily horoscope 17th november 2020

Your Taurus charisma is on the rise and at this stage with the movement of your ruler, Venus in the spontaneous Sagittarius sign in this cycle of three a joyful wave surrounds you that will help you overcome any sadness or pain that you may have suffered due to a sentimental disappointment.

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Today you will be surprised to see how the people around you get along so well. After some recent discussion or difference of opinion, peace will prevail. Your co-workers have ended their fights and declared a truce. In the meantime, things may be more harmonious in your family. Your kids will get tired of their war games. Enjoy the calm and harmony of this day.

In the Big Lottery of Life, this time you feel like you’ve found the right combination of numbers or letters. Indeed, the melody of happiness announces it. The only thing you want is that all this feeling never stops. You are right to take advantage of it. All these moments of sweetness are rare. Rest assured, for the next few months, the sky of your sign is clear of all the clouds, with palpitations all around. You will live life in color, in the heart!

This Tuesday there is a square of Venus with Neptune, a somewhat unstable 90-degree aspect. A setback can arise if you neglect your health by exaggerating your food or drinks, especially if you know that certain foods or liquors cause unfavorable allergic reactions. Use your common sense when sitting at the table tonight.

The conjunction of the Sun and the Moon could have a curious effect on the natives. Their vitality and their desire to move forward may well encounter an obstacle. Rather than focusing on making your plans come true, as you seemed ready to do, you will be joining your spouse, family member, coworker, or friend. It seems that this person needs your help, your enlightenment, or just your presence and your attentive listening. Be patient, your plans will wait.

If your physical energy level is high, is your aspiration level even higher? That is why it is logical that you want to focus on initiatives that help you improve your socioeconomic situation. Today you will spend a lot of time collecting information that you must send. Do what you have to do to achieve your mission. You will definitely have to make several trips around the area. Take it easy so you don’t get too fatigued.

Take it easy and don’t let an adverse comment make you uncomfortable. The rumors you are hearing associated with your work are unfounded and if you allow yourself to be influenced by them, you would be assuming a negative attitude that does not benefit you.

Today you may find it difficult to act on any practical issue. If you find out that this is the case, don’t even think about pushing yourself to change the situation. Today you are more concerned with the fantasy side of life. Today dreams, both physical and mental, can be a wonderful escape for you. Do something that takes you out of your current state of mind. Go to the cinema or the theater tonight.

Money and Luck
Take time to do your accounts, put your affairs in order, eliminate what does not suit you. Write down your expenses, you will see how there are some that you can eliminate. Aim to act in such a way that the ends 2020 more mindful of what you had in 2019 by the same date. [maxbutton id=”2″ ]

It may be that you need to pay immediate attention to many papers that have to do with new plans for your work interests. For you to do it correctly, you are going to require a lot of inventiveness on your part, but you will be able to do it. Today you are particularly fast, intelligent, and focused, so you will be able to finish whatever you try to do. In the evening: attend a concert, conference, or another event in your community.

In the professional field, you benefit from the protection of the Sun: nothing seems to be able to reach you today! A heated discussion with your hierarchy? You manage it with all the perspective and courage you need. A project that does not materialize? It is one more motivation to begin a new, more rewarding mission. On your own account, the outlook is just as encouraging. To complete this idyllic picture, your finances may benefit from an unexpected boost. What more?

Family and Friends
External solicitations bore you and you prefer to stay at home. Right now you are passionate about a solitary activity and nothing is stopping you. Besides, your morale at half-mast does not encourage you to go out. Let go of your instinctive occupations, the return to normal social life will return sooner or later. Note some conflicts between parents and children who claim too much freedom. A simple compromise between the two parties makes it possible to find a good understanding of the home.

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